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salvia divenorum

What is Salvia and how to use it?

The Salvia herb is also known as Diviner’s sage, Sally-D, magic mint and Sage of the seers. It is a highly powerful hallucinogen belonging to the family of mints. Despite being used as a recreational drug for its psychedelic effects, Salvia doubles as a medicinal supplement, packed with beneficial compounds. For centuries, the herb has been regarded highly as a sacred herb with spiritual uses. For instance, it was used in Brazil by spiritualists and diviners to contact the unknown as well as heal certain illnesses. All of the herb’s powers are found in the leaves, which are best used when dried.

Effects of salvia dried leaves

Out of curiosity and seeking relaxation, users indulge in the herb to experience certain desired effects. Hallucinations and other psychedelic effects are the most common effects resulting from the usage of Salvia dried leaves. Characterized by visual misrepresentations of bright lights, vivid colours and unusual shapes. In some circumstances, the visuals result in the perception of unnatural entities and other dimensions. Alteration of time and space occurs, giving users the feeling of being in more than one place at a time. At high doses, you may witness out of body experiences followed by detachment from your body and its surroundings. For inexperienced users, early effects include uncontrollable laughter, uneasiness, talkativeness and recollection of memories.

Benefits of using salvia dried leaves

A teaspoon of Salvia dried leaves is packed with meaningful nutrients such as vitamin K, Iron, Fat, Carbs, Protein and 1% calcium. Additionally, salvia contains small amounts of zinc, magnesium and copper that play a vital role in your body. Loaded with antioxidants such as polyphenols, the Salvia dried leaves help in strengthening your body’s defence. The result is the neutralization of harmful free radicals that cause chronic diseases. Antioxidants also reduce oxidative stress levels in your body and memory retention. Its antiseptic effects make Salvia dried leaves also helpful in killing microorganisms. Consequently, consumption of salvia destroys oral germs that cause dental abscesses and digestive parasites that result in infections. You will also experience sharpened focus and concentration, which useful when meditating.

Usage and dosage of salvia dried leaves

When crushed, the dried leaves can be smoked through bongs and pipes. Smoking is the most common means of consuming Salvia and inhaling the smoke leads to more intense psychedelic experiences. Furthermore, users can also boil the dried leaves in water to form a highly beneficial tea, full of nutrients. By boiling, Salvinorin A and B, the most powerful natural psychoactive compound, is released into the drink. The result is intense trips and more meaningful benefits to your body. Chewing the leaves is another way of ingesting salvia, however, it leads to milder effects. Regardless, the effects last longer since the compounds are quickly absorbed into the mouth tissues.

Exemptions from using salvia dried leaves

The trip associated with salvia leaves may be too intense for beginners. Therefore, seek help from a more experienced user when consuming salvia dried leaves. Ensure you are in a joyful mood as salvia amplifies your current mood. Avoid mixing salvia with antidepressants and other medication, unless with the advice of a qualified expert.

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