Wild Dagga Flower 5g


Wild Dagga flower from Holland’s High is a beautiful specimen from the African continent. Wild Dagga influences sensations of calm and relaxation. Famed for its diverse medicinal uses and for producing effects similar to that of cannabis, wild dagga flower of southern Africa offers a mild sensation of calm, sedation, and subtle euphoria when ingested. Containing chief psychoactive compound leonurine, wild dagga flower is popularly smoked or brewed into a tea to achieve its desired effects.

Wild Dagga Flower

Scientifically known as Leonotis leonurus, the Wild Dagga goes by many names such as the lion’s tail. It is a large evergreen shrub of the mint family and is native to South Africa. The plant matures to heights of up to three meters and widths of almost two meters. During its flowering stage, the plant has bright orange flowers arranged in whorls and is extremely eye-catching. Despite its striking appeal, the Wild Dagga has numerous effects and medical benefits due to its psychoactive properties.

Effects of Wild Dagga Flower

The psychoactive compounds present in the plant give it relaxing and soothing effects when brewed into tea. Smoking the dried leaves and flowers causes mood enhancement, slight wooziness, mental clarity and enhanced colour perception. At an adequate amount, Wild Dagga leads to mild visual hallucinations when smoked. Users also experience euphoria and bursts of energy that lead to an active physical state. As a result of these effects, the Wild Dagga Flower is highly considered as an alternative to cannabis especially in countries where cannabis is illegal. When smoked alone, the flowers give a natural high and feelings of calmness and relaxation. Combined with other herbs, you will experience variations in euphoria and exuberance. It is loaded with alkaloids, with the main one being Leonurine which is mainly responsible for the psychoactive properties.

benefits of the Wild Dagga Flower

The South African flower has a variety of benefits when used in the human body. Traditionally, it was used to treat stings and bites from snakes and poisonous insects. Additionally, they used it as a remedy for boils, itches, muscle cramps and other skin complaints. Ingesting mixtures containing the flower helps in controlling blood pressure, jaundice, haemorrhoids, fever, headaches, asthma, coughs and dysentery. Smoking the leaves and flowers also treats epilepsy and partial paralysis, making the plant extremely beneficial. Furthermore, smoking the herb helps in controlling anxiety, stress and brings total relaxation to your mind.

Usage and Dosage of the Wild Dagga Flower

To smoke the Wild Dagga flower, crush the dried flower or leaves and roll into a joint. Mixing the herbs with other beneficial natural herbs is key in improving your overall experience with the herb. It can also be ingested in form of tea, by boiling the leaves and flowers with water. Additionally, the crushed herbs can be inhaled through the nose, like smoking.

Due to its naturally occurring nature, coupled with limited knowledge of its use, there is no specific dosage amount. However, like any other product, excessive consumption may cause unwanted effects in your body, and pose a danger to your health. You may experience headaches, lung damage, throat irritation and hallucinations if you overuse the Wild Dagga flower.

Exemptions from Usage of Wild Dagga Flower

Wild Dagga has high concentrations of psychoactive compounds, that may react with users depending on their age and overall wellness. In addition, breastfeeding mothers are discouraged from using the flower in any form, alongside pregnant women. The plant may react with different medications including anti-depressants, and it is best to consult a qualified doctor or pharmacist before using the herb.


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