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If you are looking for a predominantly narcotic Kratom strain with calming effects, Super Red Vein will deliver your desired effects. This powder delivers different qualities to the user including, relieving pain and opiate characteristics. She also carries the characteristics of amphetamine and a stimulant. It acts on the user in numerous different ways. The effects last long, meaning you get to enjoy her full effects for a long time.

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Super Red Vein Kratom from HollandsHigh!

Our Super Red Vein is grown and harvested in Southeast Asia. For top-quality, pesticides and chemicals are avoided entirely. The grinding process does not include adding additives to the powder, making our powder purely Super Red Vein.

Effects and Benefits of Super Red Vein

Super Red Vein is a fast puncher who attacks from two different fronts. Upon consuming the powder, you will start to feel your moods elevating as happiness engulfs you. You undergo a euphoria that is characterised by joy and bliss. Shortly after, the second wave of punches is laid as you start to feel your muscles relax, and you move into a more damping feeling. All these effects are prolonged and could last for hours.

Red Vein Kratom is also a medicinal herb with various medicinal effects on the user. People with low energy levels can use her to get the energy boost they may need to get through the day. Furthermore, its mood-elevating capabilities are useful in combating and fighting stress, anxiety and some mild forms of depression. It is an effective pain killer and can help in lowering the body’s high blood pressure. Red Vein Kratom is also believed to boost the libido levels of the user.

Usage and Dosage of Super Red Vein

While the indigenous people of Southeast Asia chewed or boiled the leaves of this strain, it is now crushed into powder and sold worldwide. Like any other Kratom strain, Super Red Vein is consumed orally. The most common way being swallowing it with water. Better still, you can add the powder to your drink including, tea, coffee and milkshakes. You could also opt to mix the powder with your food.

The amount of Red vein consumed should correlate with the user’s age, weight and tolerance levels. For novice users, it is recommended you start with very low amounts. Take a gram of the powder and place it in your mouth. Wash it down with warm water on an empty stomach and wait to see the effects. Progressively increase the dosage until you get your desired effects. Always let an hour pass by before taking another dose.

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    Works well to help me sleep as I suffer from (Willis-Ekbom Disease) ie. Restless Leg Syndrone which severely affects sleep

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