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If you are looking for a heavy puncher among the Kratom genetics, Super Red Maeng Da Kratom is the solution for you. The strain is perfect for individuals fighting opioid withdrawal symptoms while at the same time acting as a sedative to medical users. Red Maeng Da has gained fame worldwide for its energy-giving capabilities. She is the middle point between the white and red leaf types.

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Red Maeng Da Kratom- A Heavy Puncher

Kratom gained popularity around the world that farmers questioned the existence of a better strain. They embarked on a quest to look for a more potent and effective strain. Through a chain of grafting attempts between the Thai Kratom and Indo Kratom, Red Maeng Da was created. Like the parent, it has also gained popularity online around the world.

Our Red Maeng Da is grown and harvested in Southeast Asia. For top-quality, pesticides and chemicals are avoided entirely. The grinding process does not include adding additives to the powder, making our powder purely Red Maeg Da.

Effects and Benefits of Red Maeng Da Kratom

Red Maeng Da is a heavy puncher. Novice users are advised to start with the other Kratom types to build a tolerance to its potency. Nevertheless, it is an ideal strain to use during the day due to the effects it gives. You feel your moods getting better and improved, you become jovial, and you dive into a euphoria. Furthermore, it is known to give the body a crucial energy boost to keep you going throughout the day. While its potency is milder compared to other strains, she does the job.

Mediacal users of this powder also enjoy some benefits. Red Maeng Da is laden in flavonoids and alkaloids, which have medicinal value. The alkaloids are known to be good pain relievers. Individuals undergoing chronic pains find it very useful. The mood-lifting abilities of the strain are also important to individuals undergoing anxiety and opiate withdrawal. Other benefits include the ability to improve bowel syndrome and curing insomnia with high sedation in large quantities.

Usage and Dosage of Red Maeng Da Kratom

Our Red Maeng Da Kratom powder is consumed orally. There are various ways in which you can take it orally. You could place the powder on your mouth and swallow it with water. You could also opt to add the powder to food and any other beverage. Like the other Kratoms, it is best taken on an empty food to get the desired effects quicker.

Red Maeng Da is a strong strain that should be approached with care. It is recommended to use the white or green strains before the Red ones. That way, you build tolerance. Overdosing on it could have some adverse effects, and remember, administration depends on why you are using it and your body size and weight.

  • Energy Boost 3 to 9 grams
  • Pain Relief 4 to 10 grams
  • Mood Boost 2 to 7 grams
  • Insomnia 4 to 7 grams
  • Anxiety relief 3 to 6 grams

Remember the dose range depends on your tolerance, weight, age and body size.

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