Salvia Dried Leaves 10g


Dried Salvia leaves are known for their psychedelic effects since the traditional days. The leaves are crushed and smoked for optimum effects. Chewing is another way of using the leaves but results in milder effects. Also known as Sage or the shepherd’s herb, Salvia is revered for its potency, and the leaves carry most of these effects. The leaves are rich in Salvinorin A and B, highly psychoactive compounds credited with their hallucinogenic effects. Consequently, diviners, healers and spiritualists used the herb in their rituals and sacred ceremonies.

Effects of salvia dried leaves

The major effect you will experience upon using the leaves is hallucinations. Auditory and visual hallucinations are the major types caused by salvia dried leaves. In this state, you will experience alteration of colours, shapes and forms of objects, with users reporting cartoonish imagery. Sounds are also altered into fragments that are unclear and unusual. At higher doses of the leaves, users face out of body experiences and disassociation from the body. In such a state you may see objects and bodies that are outside the natural, and also feel like you are in another object. Talkativeness and uncontrollable laughter are also effects of absorption of the contents into your system.

Benefits of salvia dried leaves

Salvia dried leaves have the potential of lowering blood sugar levels. Research shows that the compounds act like metrormin, a drug prescribed to diabetes patients. In addition, Salvia can improve insulin sensitivity, thus further aiding in blood sugar regulation. Salvia can also help in improving mental health in many ways. Through antioxidants present in the extract, it assists in breaking down chemical messengers such as ACH, which plays a vital role in memory retention. By extension, this assists in controlling Alzheimer’s disease and improves cognitive abilities among the elderly. The brain’s health is also improved by relieving stress and anxiety levels, which ultimately fights depression. Higher doses of Salvia dried leaves result in improved alertness, elevated moods and a deep sense of calmness and relaxation.

Usage and dosage of salvia dried leaves

The most common means of consuming salvia dried leaves is smoking. The leaves are dried and crushed into a powder that can be poured into bongs or pipes for smoking. Rolling the leaves into cigarette-like joints may lead to little or no effects. Due to irritation of lungs, some users prefer boiling the leaves instead, and consuming them inform of a Salvia tea. In this form, more properties of the herb are unlocked and offer a soothing effect. Chewing the dried leaves results in less intense effects and is a traditional means of using the leaves.

Unless processed, there is no definitive dosage amount and usage solely depends on experience and desired effects. However, manufacturers have begun processing and packing the leaves and recommended dosage amounts. Taking more than the indicative amount has negative effects on the body and may induce vomiting, chills and headaches.

Exemptions on the use of salvia dried leaves

Exercise caution when using the leaves for the first time, due to the strength of effects. Avoid mixing the leaves with other drugs and substances as contamination and chemical poisoning may arise. Always seek medical advice before usage, when unsure of your wellness.


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