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Ingestable by chewing, smoking or drinking, Salvia 80x is a powerful extract of the famed Salvia herb. It is highly concentrated with the salvia compounds, to the tune of 80 times more than a regular gram of salvia. For this reason, it is more potent when compared to regular salvia and its other lesser extracts like salvia 5x and Salvia 40x. Effects of the extract last longer and are more intense, therefore, novice users should avoid its consumption.

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Effects of salvia

The extract contains high levels of salvinorin A and B hence gives users deep hallucinations. Visual and auditory hallucinations lead to distortion in how users perceive sound, colour and light. In addition, Salvia 80x distorts reality, leading to altered perceptions of your surroundings. In high doses, users report out-of-body experiences and visuals of unnatural images. The extract also slurs the user’s speech and at the same time causes unusual talkativeness. For inexperienced users, you may experience tiredness, cartoon-like images, loss of memory and experience transportation to a new dimension. Such effects may overcome new users thus calling for regulated doses of the extract.

Benefits of salvia

Aside from psychological benefits accrued, the powerful extract also has physical benefits. Since it is rich in oxidants, Salvia 80x relieves the body from oxidative stress. In addition, it has antiseptic properties that assist in eliminating bacteria, parasites and fights viral infections. In oil form, the extract makes cosmetics that have numerous benefits to the skin. Users also benefit from protection against free radical damage, memory loss and reduced inflammation. Depending on the dosing amount, Salvia 80X has the potential to treat digestive infections, headaches and to certain extents forms of cancer. Constant research on the extract unveils new uses each day, including treating Alzheimer’s disease.

Usage and dosage of salvia

There exist different ways to consume salvia extract. Smoking is the most common form of consumption and leads to the most intense effects. Sit or lie down before smoking, and ensure you retain the smoke in your lungs for half a minute for maximum efficiency. The effects last depending on the amount inhaled and dosage used. Another way of consumption is by making tea from the extract. It is the best option for non-smokers and only requires boiled water. Most users believe that boiling the extract unlocks more benefits, but this is subject to debate and confirmation. Oral ingestion by chewing the extract or placing it under the tongue is preferred by some users and offers the longest duration of effects.
You may experience chills, confusion, loss of coordination and a lower heart rate if you exceed the dosing amounts. In extreme situations, organ damage can occur, especially after repeated overdose.

Exemptions from using salvia

Due to the high concentration in the extract, it is prohibited to ingest it when facing certain medical conditions. Reduced heart rates make it a danger to patients suffering from hypertension. Exercise caution when using the extract, by avoiding uncomfortable and irritating environments. In addition, desist from mixing the substance with alcohol and any depressant.

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