Salvia 5x 1g


Salvia divinorum has enjoyed a long history as one of nature’s most powerful keys to unlock an otherworldly state of being. The leaves can be smoked or ingested in a concentrated extract to induce a hallucinogenic journey with consciousness-expanding potential. Pioneered by the Mazatec Shaman, just try to resist experiencing the allure of this legendary species. Containing primary psychoactive constituent salvinorin A, salvia induces a brief, otherworldly look into the inexplicable. Now available at the Holland’s High Webshop!

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Salvia 5x

Salvia 5X is an extract from the Salvia Divinorum, also known as Sage. It has a concentration that is five times more than that of your average sage. Due to salvinorin A and B, the extract is used as a recreational drug with mild hallucinogenic effects. It is the perfect salvia extract for new users to get acquainted with the effects of the herb.

Effects of Salvia 5X

Consumption of Salvia 5x extract takes you into a pensive state of consciousness. You will notice a difference in your perception of time, with most users reporting a slowdown in time. Further, the extract enhances your perception of colours and visuals, resulting in vivid visions and out-of-the-world experiences. Its hallucinogenic properties lead to trips, but they are mild as a result of the low concentration. Depending on the dosage, the trips last between 20 minutes and an hour and end in a mild high. If you enjoy getting lost in your thoughts and imaginations, the Salvia 5x extract will serve you beyond your expectations. The effects are more potent when smoked and vary according to the amount consumed.

Benefits of Salvia 5x

The mild psychedelic effects caused by Salvia make it the perfect extract for relaxation and meditation. You will gain meaningful strides in your concentration levels and also benefit from heightened alertness. During traditional times, Salvia was used in enhancing brain functions and delaying the cognitive decline associated with old age. Improved senses and memory will leave you feeling motivated and active throughout your trip.

The extract is packed with medical benefits, with the common one being a relief from stress and anxiety. Individuals can use Salvia as a remedy for rheumatism, diarrhoea, headaches, bloating and stomach upsets. Since it leaves you feeling detached from reality, the extract is used sometimes as a tonic remedy for persons suffering from terminal illnesses.

Usage and Dosage of Salvia 5x

Consuming Salvia 5x extract can be done in various ways. Smoking is perhaps the most known method of consumption and yields the best results. Use a clean pipe when smoking the extract to avoid mixing with other substances. For maximum efficiency, hold the smoke in your lungs for about 20 seconds before exhaling. In addition, it is also fused with water to form a rich salvia tea. Oral ingestion by chewing or placing under the tongue has mild effects but gives you control over the impacts and a longer hallucination.

Exceeding the recommended dose on the product’s sticker may harm your organs. Nausea, confusion, lightheadedness and longer trips are results of overdosing on the extract. The 1 gram extract has about 2 to 4 doses that should last you at least 2 days.

Exemptions on Usage

When using the herbal high, ensure you are in a safe and comfortable environment, with an experienced sitter insight. Avoid standing while under the influence of the extract, and laying down or sitting is recommended. Moreover, avoid mixing it with alcohol and other substances that may contain MAO inhibitors. For optimum effects, use the extract only when in a good mood as it may otherwise trigger negative feelings.

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