Salvia 30x 0,5g


Salvia 30x is an extract from the Salvia Divinorum herb. A gram of the extract contains 30 times the concentration of regular salvia. Consequently, it has a powerful psychedelic effect that may overwhelm most newbies. The salvia plant has for many years been used as a recreational drug and also as a medicinal herb. During traditional times, the herb which draws its roots from the pine family of plants was used in religious ceremonies. It was highly revered in summoning spirits and allowing users to contact new spiritual dimensions.

Effects of Salvia 30x

Salvia 30x extract has similar effects to any other extract from the plant. However, the intensity of effects varies and is stronger than lower extracts and weaker than extracts like the salvia 80x. In addition, the range of effects experienced varies depending on the amount used, age, health condition and experience. The most common effect from the extract is the hallucinations it causes due to salvinorin A and B compounds. You will experience altered perceptions of sound, light and colour, in addition to a distorted reality. An out-of-body experience occurs at high doses, where users report seeing unnatural images. Further, the trip results in anxiety and loss of body control and feelings of dissociation from your body in certain situations. Salvia 30x affects the mind and heightens focus, making it an ideal extract for meditation.

Benefits of Using Salvia 30x

Like any other salvia product, Salvia 30x has a host of physical benefits and psychological ones. For instance, Salvia 30x can be used in the treatment of headaches, fever, bowel problems, stomach pain and urinary diseases. Due to its antioxidant properties, Salvia 30x helps in relieving oxidative stress in your body. It is also a remedy for memory loss and treating Alzheimer’s disease as a result of naturally occurring compounds. Since the traditional times, Salvia helps in managing pain and anxiety, thus is used as a tonic for patients suffering from terminal illnesses. Research also shows its ability to treat several forms of cancer, by inhibiting the growth of the cells.

Usage and Dosage of Salvia 30x

You can choose to consume the Salvia extract by either smoking, making it into tea or by chewing. Smoking is the most preferred means of using the extract, through a pipe or bong. Ensure cleanliness of the pipe to prevent contamination from other substances. To make tea from the extract, boil the herbs and drink. For users who do not smoke, drinking the extract is recommended, and has equally fulfilling benefits.

Due to its naturally occurring form, there is no specific dosage. However, processed forms of the extract indicated doses. Ensure strict compliance with the indicated amounts since overdosing leads to nausea, diarrhoea and stomach upsets.

Exemption from Usage of Salvia 30x

Salvia 30X has heavy trips that may not be suited for users with underlying medical conditions. Additionally, children and breastfeeding mothers should avoid using the extract as it may harm their health. Ensure you are in the right state of mind when using the extract to avoid amplifying negative thoughts. For new users, start with a small dose and gradually increase with experience.


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