Salvia 20x 1g


Based on dried salvia leaves, Salvia 20X is an extract best suited for users with some experience. It has powerful psychedelic effects derived from the salvinorin A and B compounds it contains. For this reason, Shamas used Salvia during traditional healing rituals to get in touch with the supernatural. In addition, the hallucinatory trip it gives users makes it a preferred recreational drug.

Effects of Salvia 20x

Due to its slightly higher concentration, Salvia 20x has some powerful effects that might overwhelm new users. For instance, the extract leads to open eye visuals that are vague and are similar to the process of falling asleep. On some occasions, you may experience out of body hallucinations, that occur only at high doses. Your speech becomes slower as your perception of sound, colour and feelings changes. Some users might experience enhanced moods, focus and concentration, making it ideal for meditation. It is also possible that you recollect memories from your past in this state of detachment from reality. Talkativeness and euphoria are also a result of ingesting the concentrated salvia extract.

Benefits of Salvia 20x Extract

The benefits of Salvia 20x are mostly psychological due to its psychoactive properties. You will benefit from reduced oxidative stress in your body since the extract has anti-oxidant compounds. As a result, Salvia also relieves users from anxiety thus enhancing positive moods. In this state, depression and its effects are minimized in addition to post-traumatic stress. Furthermore, Salvia 20x relieves headaches, joint pain, bowel disorder, stomach upsets and sore throat. Through research, Salvia and its extracts have shown the potential to treat blood clotting diseases as well as some forms of cancer. Salvia was prescribed in the olden days for appetite loss, diarrhoea and heartburns, all of which it quickly remedies.

Usage and Dosage of Salvia 20x Extract

Salvia 20x is mostly used for smoking in a bong or pipe. Ensure the pipe or bong is free from other substances before smoking the extract to prevent inhaling harmful mixtures. Smoking provides users with the strongest effect that lasts up to 3 hours depending on the amount inhaled. Oral administration of the extract is another way to experience its potent effects. You can either mix the extract with boiling water to make tea, chew the product or place it under the tongue. In this way, you have full control of the effects since you can spit any time you wish. Oral usage leads to a gradual increase in the intensity of effects felt, and they last for a longer period.

Place 0.3 grams of the extract under your tongue for optimum effects. A maximum of 0.5 grams of the substance should be used when smoking. Overdosing on the extract comes with its fair share of trouble, including possible loss of coordination. Continued overdosing may damage your kidney and internal organs.

Exemptions from Using Salvia 20x

The intensity of trips from this extract makes it dangerous to new users. Exercise caution when using Salvia 20x in a new environment and seek the company of a friend. The gravity of trips caused may make it unsafe to operate machinery while under the influence of the extract. Always seek medical advice before mixing Salvia 20x with prescription medicine.


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