Rush Herbal Popper


How good is your sex life? Do you love your orgasms? Do you get the satisfaction you desire? What if I told you you could multiply all that pleasure with a simple spray. Rush Herbal Popper spray is a natural stimulant used to give users a short, sexual rush. It is consumed during sex or before orgasm to provide an intense sensation leaving you satisfied but craving more. It is a nice natural way to boost your sex life and live a happy life. Order yours from our Hollands High Webshop today.

Ingredients of Rush Herbal Popper

Rush Herbal Popper utilises incredible ingredients in its quest to give users a sex life boost. The creators settled on natural inputs to differentiate themselves from pharmaceutical sex boosters. It does not have any impurities and will not affect you completely. You get to enjoy the sensation more. The ingredients include; water, L-arginine, Siberian ginseng, Saw Palm, and cranberry.

How Rush Herbal Works

Rush Herbal is a natural erotic stimulant with short, sexual rushes. It is a food supplement based on natural ingredients for men and women. It will act fast during sex and before orgasms, prolonging pleasure, intensifying orgasms and giving men a harder erection. It will enhance the general sex life as you and your partner will love the sensation and the newfound pleasure. Keep one by your nightstand and you will not regret using it.

How to use Rush Herbal Popper

Rush Herbal Popper is a liquid delivered in a bottle. It comes with a spray used to deliver. Spray 3ml (two to three sprays) under the tongue 15 minutes before the desired effects. Do not be tempted in any way to use more than 3ml of the liquid with 24 hours.


Rush Herbal Popper cannot be sold to underage individuals under the legal age. It should be consumed carefully without the use of alcohol. Individuals using a medication, ailing from kidney and/or heart disease, urinary tract, diabetes, enlarged prostate or taking MAO inhibitors should avoid the pills at all costs. Visit your doctor if you notice any side effects.
Improve your sex life today with a sexual rush. Get your Rush Herbal Popper from our Hollands High Webshop today.


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