Royal X


You can improve your moods and get to see the brighter side of life with the herbal liquid Royal X if you are feeling low or sad due to misfortune. It is a natural substance created to offer the user euphoria and cheerfulness. It is a strong product whose effects will last for more than 3 hours, ensuring you are feeling good about yourself. It will not have any side effects but will promote the production of the chemicals needed to improve your moods and appreciate life. Get your Royal X from our Hollands High Webshop today.

Ingredients of Royal X

Royal X digs into a pool of incredible ingredients to deliver the needed euphoria. The makers decided to use natural inputs to differentiate themselves from pharmaceutical euphoria givers. You will not be affected negatively and will manage to continue with your ay smoothly. The ingredients include; Cola nitida, Paullinia cupana, Citrus aurantium 6%, dextr, ascorbinezuur, glycyrrhiza 25%, 375 mg kalium, Phenylalanine, Oleum mentha and 75 mg niacin.

Effects of Royal X

Royal X will act fast within 15 minutes to deliver euphoria. The ingredients will work in harmony to deliver different effects such as increased blood flow in your system. The increase of blood flow results in the production of more body energy to leave you amped for hours. The brain is stimulated to produce the chemicals necessary for mental inspiration and euphoria. A tingling sensation follows shortly afterwards and is complemented by cheerfulness and a good feeling.

How to use Royal X

Royal X is to be consumed orally and should be shaken well before use. The effects will take up to 15 minutes to kick in and last for up to four hours. It works best after someone has consumed food, preferably an hour before. First-time users are advised to consume half the bottle to gauge their reaction before going all the way. Wash it down with a glass of water or juice.


Royal X is not for everyone. Children and minors under the legal age are prohibited from using the product. It is also not allowed for individuals with the following conditions: high and low blood pressure, heart or lung disease, pregnant or breastfeeding, and using prescribed medicine. The product contains high caffeine and should not be taken alongside other stimulants. Avoid alcohol and at all costs.

Royal X will improve your moods in minutes. Order yours from our Hollands High Seedshop today.


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