Royal E


Are you headed out for the night or have a whole load of work you need to go through? Forget about the highly caffeinated drinks or prescription drugs. Use the incredibly energetic Royal E. It s a herbal drink made from various useful ingredients to give the user an energy boost alongside an exciting feeling of rush, alertness and is perfect for nightclubbing. The energy and euphoria will last for 3 to 5 hours after 15 minutes of ingestion. Get yourself these energy boosters from our Hollands High Webshop.

Ingredients of Royal E

Royal E is a herbal product that digs into herbs to collect the natural ingredients it uses to give the desired effects. You get to enjoy euphoria, increased energy levels, and happiness without taking a prescription drug. It does not have side effects and will not negatively affect healthy people without any condition. The ingredients include; caffeine, acai pepsin, niacin, b6, taurine, dextrose and k-potassium.

Effects of Royal E

Royal E will not take long to give the desired effects. The ingredients will work in synchrony to offer various effects and advantages to the user in a few minutes. You will experience an increased blood flow in your system resulting in the production of more body energy to leave you amped for hours. The drink stimulates the brain, the nervous system boosts alertness, gives the energy to push through the day and mobilizes fat in the body for energy production. It is a perfect way of improving your day.

How to use Royal E

Royal E is a herbal liquid consumed orally. Bob the package comprehensively before serving it into a cup. New users who have never tried the liquid or any other herbal liquid dis advised to start with half of the 15mg dose to check their reactions. Consume on an empty stomach for maximum effects and limit yourself to 15 mg a day.


Royal E is not for everyone. Children and minors under the legal age are prohibited from using the product. It is also not allowed for individuals with the following conditions: high and low blood pressure, heart or lung disease, pregnant or breastfeeding, and using prescribed medicine. The product contains high caffeine and should not be taken alongside other stimulants. Avoid alcohol and at all costs.


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