Royal C


Welcome magical Herbal Colombia into your routine today. It is a herbal drink with effects reminiscent of coca leaves and gives a calming and euphoric experience. The natural product is perfect for individuals in need of an energy boost to go through their day unhindered, or who need total alertness on the task at hand. You will feel relaxed as an exciting feeling rushes through your body and goes into the world confidently. The liquid will help you increase your productivity all day long. Get yourself this beautiful liquid from our Hollands High Webshop today. We offer Worldwide shipment.

Ingredients of Royal C

Royal C uses natural ingredients to give the desired effects. You get to enjoy euphoria, increased energy levels, and happiness without taking a prescription drug. It does not have side effects and will not negatively affect healthy people without any condition. The ingredients used include; PAulibna cupana, Corynanthe Yohimbe 8%, Citrus aurantium 6%, Dextro. Glycyrrhiza 25%, 375 mg Kalium. phenylalanine, aroma, and 75 mg niacine. It is a natural option for prescription drugs.

Effects of Royal C

Royal C is packed with numerous ingredients with useful work in the body. They will work in synergy to provide euphoria and the energy needed to have a fruitful day. The guarana in the drink will give mild effects of caffeine without any side effects. Generally, the drink stimulates the brain, the nervous system boosts alertness, gives the energy to push through the day and mobilizes fat in the body for energy production. It is a perfect way of improving your day.

How to use Royal C

Consume Royal C orally. Shake the container thoroughly before serving the liquid into a cup. New users who have never tried the liquid or any other herbal liquid dis advised to start with half of the 15mg dose to check their reactions. Consume on an empty stomach for maximum effects and limit yourself to 15 mg a day.


Not everyone is allowed to consume Royal C. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use the product, and children should completely avoid it. Drugs and alcohol should also not be used after and before taking the liquid. Individuals dealing with cardiovascular disease and other medical issues should seek a doctors advice before consuming the liquid. Should not be sold to persons under the legal age.

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