Peganum Harmala 10x 1gr


Belonging to the Zygophyllaceae family of plants, The Peganum Harmala is a perennial shrub mostly found in semi-arid regions. It consists of white flowers, round seed capsules and grows to heights of 0.8 meters. It is found in parts of Africa, Europe and Asia, especially countries around Iran, hence the name Syrian rue. The seeds of the famed plant are rich in Harmala alkaloids, which are highly psychoactive and cause hallucinogenic effects. In addition, the seeds act as reversible MAO inhibitors thereby leading to their use in the activation of Oral DMT.

Effects of peganum harmala

Due to the psychoactive compounds found in the plant, it has psychedelic effects such as giving users an enhanced and long high. The plant has different effects on the various parts of the human anatomy, as a result of various active ingredients. For instance, the plant affects the cardiovascular system by reducing blood pressure and relaxing blood vessels. The result is a calm, relax and chilled mood for as long as the compounds are present in the blood. Additionally, the plant affects the central nervous system by giving an anti-depressant effect. The alkaloids react with various neuro-transmitters and receptors in a bid to prevent sadness and states of depression.

Benifits of peganum harmala

Despite the unavailability of enough data to support the benefits of the plant, repeated research agrees with previous findings on the medical benefits of the herb. Applying four drops of oil containing extracts from its seeds has the benefit of reducing pain in the joints for people suffering from Osteoarthritis. Furthermore, various forms of the plant are known to assist in the treatment of Cancer, Depression, Diabetes and amenorrhea (Absence of menstrual periods).

In countries where abortion is legalized, Peganum Harmala is administered to assist in the termination of a pregnancy. More evidence suggests that the highly potent plant possesses anti-bacterial effects thus can be relied on when fighting parasite infections. Insomnia, Hypothermia and Parkinson disease are part of the extensive list of diseases treated by consuming the plant in any form.

Usage and dosage

Various forms of the plant are beneficial when ingested in the right amounts. The seeds are ingestable as a whole or crushed into a powder to unlock the plant’s potency levels. Furthermore, extracts from the seeds are beneficial when combined with other ingredients to form oils and capsules. For instance, four drops of oil containing the extract are helpful to patients suffering from Osteoarthritis. Mixing the seeds’ powder with water is also another way of ingesting the plant, in the form of tea.
3-4 grams of the seeds are enough to cause hallucinations and stimulation, while exceeding the amount may result in heart failure, liver damage or even death. Exceeding 100 grams of the seeds when making concoctions causes toxic effects.

Exemptions on usage of peganum harmala

Oral ingestion of the potent plant in its various forms comes with its fair share of potential risks. You may experience slow heart rates, heart diseases and changes in blood pressure levels depending on ingested amounts. Since it causes abortion, Pregnant mothers wishing to continue with their pregnancy should avoid consuming the plant. In several situations, the plant causes seizures, ulcers and lung complications based on your initial health condition.


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