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Also referred to as Canna, Sceletium and Channa, the Kanna plant is native to South Africa. It has a rich history of uses as traditional medicine and was mostly applied in enhancing moods, inducing relaxation and causing euphoria. The plant from the Aizoeceae family of plants was mostly chewed to unlock its numerous effects in the user’s body.

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Effects of consuming kanna

Kanna acts as a sedative and therefore gives users a sense of calmness, relaxation and sleepiness in persons suffering from stress. By reducing the user’s blood pressure, the plant can control moods as well as fight depression. Additionally, Kanna is of benefit to persons suffering from anxiety-related disorders by reducing activity levels including the heart rate. Research on its use also indicates that it has the potential to promote relief from pain in addition to enhancing one’s cognitive brain functions. In the past, people regarded the plant as suitable for mental healing and spiritual healing. In countable circumstances, users indicate experiencing negative effects such as headaches, loss of appetite, depression and intoxication. Within two hours of using the plant, the effects kick in and last depending on the amounts ingested.

Benifits of using kanna

Kanna plant has a host of mental benefits to users when taken in the right amounts. Treating depression, stress and anxiety are the common uses of the plant. However, it also has other benefits such as treating Malaria due to compounds present in the plant. In certain situations, the plant’s sedative properties are utilized when administering the plant as a local anaesthetic. Evidence also suggests that usage of the plant by persons withdrawing from drugs is highly effective since it slows down your metabolic activity. By helping in decreasing your appetite, the Kanna plant assists in reducing body weight drastically.

Usage and dosage of kanna

Kanna can be consumed in various forms such as chewing the plant’s fermented roots and seeds. Additionally, the potent Kanna plant can be smoked, by rolling the dried leaves and flowers into a joint. Sniffing the dried powder from its leaves is also recommended and works similar to smoking. If you prefer ingesting the plant in liquid form, Kanna is ingestable as a tea, by adding boiled water to crushed leaves. Extracts of the plant are used as ingredients by most supplement manufacturers resulting in useful oils and capsules.

In its natural form, there is no specific dosage amount required when using the product. Consequently, users should carefully select a reasonable amount of the product or seek consultation from a qualified pharmacist. However, when processed into packed dried leaves or supplements, it is necessary to observe the stated dosage amounts since exceeding causes undesired effects. Vomiting and nausea are common side effects of overdosing on the plant.

Exemptions on the use of kanna

Since it is a sedative, it is advisable to avoid mixing its use with other sedative medicines or drugs, such as alcohol. Persons suffering from depression should therefore stop using antidepressants some days before switching to Kanna leaves. Avoid operating machinery or driving after consuming Kanna, as it may cause fatal accidents due to sleepiness. Always seek advice from a qualified doctor before using the highly potent plant.

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