Hawaiian Baby Woodrose 20 seeds


Hawaiian baby woodrose is a remarkable sight to behold; but its possibilities extend far beyond beauty. To unlock the euphoria inside this psychedelic specimen, its seeds can be ingested whole, ground into a powder and mixed with water, or concentrated into a potent extract. Whatever the method, consuming Hawaiian baby woodrose will reveal many of nature’s arcane truths. Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds house the famous alkaloid ergine, which initiates psychoactive effects when consumed. Now available to enjoy from HollandsHigh.

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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

Hawaiian baby woodrose is an ornamental plant that grows in Florida, California and Hawaii. Also known as Bidhara, Argyreia nervosa, Baby Woodrose and Elephant climber, the plant resembles and is related to the morning glory plant. Renowned for its hallucinogenic effects, Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is described by many as a natural LSD. It has psychedelic effects similar to alcoholic intoxication and mostly entails enhancing visual effects such as color.

Effects of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

Using the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose has several effects on your body. Mostly, the effects kick in within minutes of consuming the compound and last up to eight hours depending on the amount used and other factors. You will experience euphoria and a general feeling of calmness and relaxation which may last for a maximum of 12 hours. Its psychedelic effects leave you with trips that may be too intense for new users. Furthermore, the trips distort time and space perception, enhance colors, feelings and sounds and is highly revered among other psychedelic compounds. In several circumstances, the plant causes mild to severe stomach upsets, hangovers, blurred vision and vertigo. You may also experience deep sleep after the trips as well as emotional disturbances.

Benefits of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

The natural occurring herb has several benefits and medical uses as a result of the numerous properties and compounds it contains. Traditionally, the herb was used in healing wounds due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Through extensive research, the plant has been used in increasing blood pressure to specific parts, resolving urine related problem and improving digestion. Additionally, the herb is used in treating bronchitis, increasing sperm count, cardiac support, treating obesity, rheumatism and even gonorrhea. Obesity, syphilis, anemia, diabetes, tuberculosis, hoarseness and diseases of the nervous system are treated by the herb. In several circumstances, the plant is used in treating ulcers, dyspepsia, latulence and vitiated conditions such as anorexia.

Usage and Dosage of the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

The most potent part of the Hawaiian Woodrose is the seeds. The large furry seeds grow in pods and are characterized by a light brown color. LSA (lysergic acid amide) is highly present in the seeds and carry the plant’s hallucinogenic properties. You can crush the seeds and ingest the powder or mix the powder with hot water to form a highly potent tea. Additionally, you can swallow the seeds whole or in the form of processed capsules.

Dosing amounts of the powerful seeds depends on several factors such as age, health and experience. For inexperienced users, ingest only three seeds and gradually increase the dosage based on experience acquired. Ingesting six seeds is a standard dose for experienced users, who report strong hallucinogenic side effects lasting up to four hours. Although there is no recommended dosage, users should not exceed the known amounts as it may lead to nausea, vomiting and intense trips.

Exemptions on Using Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

In certain conditions, usage of the famed herb may lead to adverse reactions and is thereby not recommended. Pregnancy, breastfeeding and mental illness are the major conditions that should prevent you from using the herb. In addition, before going for surgery, avoid consuming the herb as it may interfere with primary body functions. Consult a pharmacist or doctor when consuming the product alongside other medicines.

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