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Perhaps best known for its qualities as an aphrodisiac and as an ingredient in Mexican liqueur, damiana is experiencing a resurgence in popularity for the euphoria it produces when consumed. Damiana flowers and leaves can be smoked, brewed into a tea, taken as an alcohol extract, and even vaporized when shredded to achieve optimal effects. With centuries of use as a natural aphrodisiac, encouraging euphoria and relaxation! Damiana is now available at our webshop, buy Damiana from Holland’s High!

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Also known as Damiana herb, Damiana leaf, Houx Mexican or the Old woman’s broom, Damiana is a wild shrub native to Mexico, Central America and the west indies. In the past, Damiana was used as an aphrodisiac, to increase sexual desire. However, with the changing times and extensive research, it has been known to possess numerous medical benefits.

Effects of Damiana

Damiana has a wide range of effects when taken into your body. A known effect of the plant, is the heightened sexual desire due to the aphrodisiac properties it possesses. When smoked, the dry leaves and flowers give off a feeling of euphoria, relaxation and a mild psychedelic high.

Benefits of Damiana

Damiana leaves and stem are loaded with medical benefits and extracts from them are given as medication to patients. For women interested in improving their sex lives, Damiana has naturally occurring ingredients that do wonders. Mixing Damiana with other products such as L-arginine, American ginseng, Ginkgo and vitamins improves your sexual satisfaction, increases orgasm frequency and reduces vaginal dryness. Furthermore, early research shows that if mixed with Guarana and yerba mate, Damiana contributes to weight loss. Treating headaches, bedwetting, Depression, Constipation, boosting stamina and even diabetes are some of the other medical benefits of the famed shrub.

Usage and Dosage of Damiana

Damiana leaves can be dried and smoked, brewed into a tea, vaporized, or taken as an alcohol extract for optimal benefits. Damiana is used in making supplements, and several factors come into play when considering the appropriate dosage. The user’s age and health are especially of concern when using Damiana. Adhere to doses on product labels as overdosing may cause unforeseen circumstances and possible adverse effects.

When taken in the wrong amounts, Damiana could pose a great risk to the user’s health. Consequently, taking Damiana in only the amounts likely to be found in foods or medicinal amounts is recommended. One may experience convulsions, and symptoms similar to rabies if you have taken the wrong amounts of Damiana. Strychnine poisoning may also occur if you taking 200 grams of the Damiana extract. Without extensive research in this field alongside the nature of natural products, it is difficult to point out the required amounts. As a result, feel free to consult a doctor or pharmacist before using the product, for further guidance and recommendations.

Excemptions from Damiana Use

If you are breastfeeding or pregnant, it is best to avoid consuming Damiana, as it may have undesired effects on your health and possibly on the baby. Despite limited research on this topic, experts advise you to stay safe or seek consultation from a certified doctor before usage. Although it may be used in treating diabetes to certain extents, Damiana should be avoided by people with high sugar levels, since it affects blood sugar levels. However, if you have low sugar levels, monitor the levels carefully and use Damiana extract. In addition, avoid using Damiana 2 weeks before surgery as it may affect sugar levels and make it difficult to control during surgery.

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