Calea Zacatechichi


Characterized by a bitter taste, Cale zacatechichi is mostly referred to as the bitter grass, or the dream herb due to its hallucinogenic properties. For thousands of years, the medium-sized shrub has been used across the globe to induce psychic dreams, increase dreaming and helping people remember dreams. Furthermore, the plant has dozens of medical benefits when used in the right amounts, such as stimulating appetite and treating diarrhoea.

Effects of calea zacatechichi

The most common effect of consuming Calea Zacatechichi in any form is inducing sleep. Research shows that the herb lengthens shallow rapid eye movement, increases the number of awakenings at night and helps in dreaming. Besides this common effect, the herb has several other effects that vary according to age, wellness and experience. When awake, you are likely to experience drowsiness, improved focus and heightened mental alertness. Since it lowers your blood pressure, the natural herb leaves you feeling relaxed, calm, sleepy and far from reality. Hallucinations caused by Calea Zacatechichi are mostly mild, and when they occur before falling asleep, users report seeing vivid mental images.

Benefits of calea zacatechichi

Through continuous research, new benefits of the bitter herb appear each day. Apart from dreams and hallucinations, once the compound is in your bloodstream it causes relief to pain, constipation, rashes and allergies, high blood sugar and alleviates breathing problems. At home, the herb may be used as a remedy for stomach aches, fever, diarrhoea, IBS and general inflammation.
In the past, Calea zacatechichi was applied in the treatment of several conditions such as dysentery, menstrual problems, malaria, joint problems and in managing swellings. Tests on patients suffering from diabetes, arthritis and asthma, indicate potential treatment or inhibition of the conditions as a result of consuming Calea zacatechichi.

Usage and dosage of calea zacatechichi

When rolled into a cigarette or placed in a pipe, the dried herb can be smoked, giving off soothing effects and hallucinations. Although it is bitter, several users often brew the herbs to form a drink that is thought to boost the benefits of the plant. Smoking and drinking the herb may prove to be unbearable to certain users due to the bitter taste associated with the herb. For this reason, the herb is also available in capsule form, extracts and resins, with higher potency levels.
In its natural form, there are no known dosing guidelines, and usage depends on the desired effects alongside user experience. However, when processed into packed herbs or capsules, manufacturers recommend adherence to the recommended doses. Overdosing on the product may lead to vomiting, diarrhoea, headaches and high anxiety levels.

Exemptions on the use of calea zacatechichi

Since it lowers blood sugar levels and blood pressure, persons suffering from diabetes and blood pressure disorders should avoid consuming Calea Zacatechichi. Additionally, it may affect persons suffering from allergies to ragweed and plants in the Compositae family. Depressants and sedatives may cause adverse reactions when mixed with the herb since they both slow down the central nervous system. Unless with strict recommendations from a certified doctor, avoid ingesting any form of the compound when pregnant or breastfeeding.


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