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Often referred to as “caapi” or even ayahuasca, Banisteriopsis caapi is one of the critical ingredients of the ayahuasca brew. As an MAOI, caapi protects DMT enzymes from being broken down, therein inducing a highly psychoactive response after consumption. Caapi can be infused with water and other compounds to form a potent brew. For the experienced psychonaut, Banisteriopsis caapi needs no introduction. Available at HollandsHigh, “caapi” is used alongside DMT to make the ayahuasca brew.

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Banisteriopsis Caapi

Renowned for being a key ingredient in Ayahusaca, a potent brew, Banisteriopsis Caapi is a South American vine with high psychoactive properties. It is also referred to as Yage, Caapi and Ayahuasca de las mujeres. The plant has various antidepressant properties and therapeutic effects and is recommended for use in treating brain disorders. Additionally, the plant contains high THH levels, alkaloids, MAO inhibitors and traces of nicotine.

Effects of Banisteriopsis Caapi

While Banisteriopsis has limited effects on its own, it is highly potent when combined with P. viridis, a plant rich in DMT. The result is a potent brew with numerous Psychedelic effects that usually last up to a maximum of six hours. In addition, the drink induces feelings of euphoria, hallucinations, paranoia and fear. Psychedelic trips are usually characterized by enhanced sounds, visions and sensitivity to feelings. Depending on experience, age and wellness, Banisteriopsis Caapi may also have unpleasant effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, and anxiety. Tremors, high blood pressure and death are some rare effects that may arise as a result of consuming the combination of Banisteriopsis and P. viridis. However, it is uncommon for users to experience both negative and positive effects of the herb.

Benefits of Banisteriopsis Caapi

As a result of its mood enhancing effects, Banisteriopsis Caapi is known to treat anxiety, addiction, depression and PTSDs. A single dose of the rich extract presents significant benefits in addressing mental disorders and mood related diseases. In addition, for persons struggling with maintaining focus, Banisteriopsis helps in improving focus and mindfulness. As a result, a person’s psychological well-being improves after the heightened mindful capacity.

Harmala alkaloids present in B.Caapi have anti-parasitic capabilities and are useful in killing parasites present in the digestive tract, without harming the individual. Extensive research on the beneficial compound has shown potential anti-cancer abilities. To achieve this, the herb stimulates production of white blood cells that suppress growth of cancer cells. Traditionally, the plant’s bark leaves and twigs were brewed into a hallucinogenic drink believed to allow contact with spirits, as a consequence of its psychedelic properties.

Usage and Dosage of Banisteriopsis Caapi

The plant’s leaves can be dried and smoked, giving users equally mind blowing psychedelic effects. When soaked and boiled, Banisteriopsis forms a powerful tea famed for hallucinations and trips on users. Shoots, roots and leaves provide extracts that are utilized by various product manufacturers in making supplements and capsules. The nature and use of Banisteriopsis in sacred ceremonies makes it difficult to determine a specific dosage. However, the plant when used as a drink, should be used in doses between one and two drinks. Exceeding the recommended amounts poses great risks and side effects to users. Anxiety, diarrhea, panic attacks, nausea, paranoia and vomiting are known effects that may arise upon overdosing.

Exemptions on Usage of Banisteriopsis Caapi

The herb interacts with several medications, herbs and medical conditions to cause undesired effects. Therefore, avoid ingesting the plant in any form, when using antidepressants, cough medications, methadone, psychiatric drugs and St. John’s wort. High blood pressure and increased heart rates could also arise upon using the herb. In addition, persons suffering from disorders should avoid consuming Banisteriopsis Caapi. Consult a doctor or pharmacist for any queries before ingesting any form of Banisteriopsis Caapi.

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