EZ Test GHB – Tube Single Pack


The fame of GHB has gone up over the last few years. It has led to a prohibition on the purchase of certain antecedents that are required to create this drug. It is easy to buy GBL, an industrial chemical used as a sticker remover in the underground markets. Pure GBL is harmful to the health and body of a user and can prove to be a catastrophe. Using the EZ Test for GBH will help you detect the presence of GBL in your sample and the presence of foreign material. Order yours from the Hollands High Webshop Today.

How to Use EZ Test GHB

Using the EZ Test GHB is an easy procedure that will take a short period and help you avoid using money on an inactive or polluted element. Use the following procedures to get your results.

  • Crack open the ampoule(glass cylinder)
  • Put a small amount of sample into the ampoule
  • Cover the ampoule with the plastic lid and shake well
  • Let it settle for a while(may take up to 5+ minutes)
  • Compare the colour change alongside the provided chart

How it Works

EZ tests operate by creating chemical reactions inside of their vials or tubes. A particular chemical reagent (depending on the kit) is incorporated in silica gel and placed inside the test receptacle. When a distinct material is identified, a chemical reaction occurs inside the vial. It will end in colour change.

Remember that some kits take longer to give results and could run into a few minutes. Once a colour change reaction occurs, consult the included colour chart to determine the result.

Disclaimer; Hollands High Does not promote unsupervised and unrecommended (by your qualified health provider) use of drugs. Order your EZ Test GHB from our Webshop today.