Cocaine & Crack Test


While Cocaine and Crack are not legal for use around the world, it finds their way to some people. Some use it to feel good, and some it is the perfect way to connect with friends. However, in the quest for high returns and profits, it is easy for dealers to add some additives to the drug for more volume. It is dangerous and could have severe consequences for the user. With the help of the Dope or Nope Crack and cocaine test kit, you can determine the contents of the drug. Order yours today from the Holland High Webshop.

How to Use Cocaine and Crack Test Kit

Using the Dope or Nope Test Kit is simple and will take a few minutes to complete. To know what the drugs you just bought are made of;

  • Open the package, and take out the ampoule(the glass tube in the packaging)
  • Break open the ampoule and add a sample of your drugs to its contents
  • Twist the top you broke off and put it back onto the ampoule
  • Compare the colour change to the table in the package

How to Read Results

Your drugs contain the substance with which it matches on the table if you notice a colour change. The results are not a testament to the purity of the drug as other unrecognisable substances may be present. The test does not show the safety of the drugs as it only shows the presence.

If you do not notice any colour change, the drug does not contain any substances on the card. You are unable to identify the ingredients of your drugs. It is advisable not to use the drug.

Hollands High does not encourage the use of banned substances, but with the knowledge of the usage regardless of the legality, we advise knowing what you are putting into your body.


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