100% herbal and legal alternative to XTC. Made from a blend of natural ingredients, XTCY is a strong energizer with a natural euphoria. The capsules will give you a huge boost in energy that will stimulate you to enjoy the party even more. An elevated party mood allows you to dance and experience sound in a better form.

Since it is fully natural, XTCY has no unpleasant side effects like most chemical stimulants. Experience an energized rush of tingly euphoria suitable for dancing and enjoying the company of friends at a party.

Ingrediens of XTCY

Each capsule of the energy-rich product contains guarana extract 50mg, maca extract 100mg, I-tyrosine 200mg, niacine 50mg, taurine 50 mg and methyl theobromine 100mg. This forms a powerful mix of natural ingredients that are also mixed with magnesium stearate, cellulose and chromium to achieve the desired effect.

Effects of XTCY

You will experience a variety of effects mostly ranging from high energy levels to feelings of happiness. If you are looking to stay up partying and dancing without getting exhausted, XTCY will serve you right. It provides a favourable mood for chatting with friends, losing yourself to the music at a festival and simply enjoying yourself. Due to the natural ingredients used, the XTCY has no hangovers after your night of fun meaning you can continue working as if nothing happened.

How to use and dose XTCY?

Take one to three pills depending on your experience with the product, one hour before the desired effects. Adhere to the recommended dose as overdosing may come with negative implications to your health. Swallow the pills with water or fruit juice and avoid mixing with other stimulants or energy drinks for utmost effectiveness.


If you are suffering from high or low blood pressure, keep away from consuming the product. Heart diseases, lung disease, depression spans and pregnancy or breastfeeding are also conditions that should stop you from using the capsules. Although the ingredients are natural, feel free to go through each of them to identify any that may cause allergic reactions. If you experience any undesired effects, desist from proceeding with its use and seek medical assistance.


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