As the name suggests, Recover-E Happy Caps are ideal for overcoming the effects of a night of partying. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about nursing a hangover for a full day when you could be engaged in other activities.

Stop using doubtful hangover remedies and start using Recover-E capsules and you will notice no more headaches, exhaustion and dizziness after a boozy party. The capsules are formulated with rich minerals, vitamins and other GMO-free ingredients to get you back on your feet in no time.

Ingredients used in Recover-E

To help you fight your hangover symptoms, Recover-E capsules are packed with helpful ingredients. For instance, Choline, an ingredient used, has benefits to your liver especially after a night of drinking. Calcium and magnesium are also used in healthy amounts to help regulate fluid levels in your body, which consequently relieves headaches and keeps you hydrated. To help you feel refreshed and energized, the formula also incorporates nutrient-rich antioxidant ingredients.

Other ingredients used include Bedula Pendula 120mg, Dandelion 100mg, L-Ornithine 35mg, Trans-Resveratrol 35mg, vitamins, zinc and iron. The formula is carefully selected by a team of experts to ensure each ingredient has no adverse effects on users.

Effects of Recover-e

The capsules are best suited in managing the symptoms of a hangover which leave you feeling like a zombie. You will not have to worry about headaches, body soreness, dehydration and exhaustion since the capsules are tailored to address such symptoms. As a result, you will feel active, fresher and energized as you take on another party or engage in your daily activities.

Use and dosage

Take one or two capsules of Recover-E with a glass of water, and you will start experiencing its effects 45 minutes after use. For added benefits, you can take two capsules before going out and two once you get home. This will not only fight hangovers but will also keep you hydrated as you sleep.

Warning on usage

Before using Recover-E capsules ensure you adhere to a healthy lifestyle and diet. If you are in doubt, seek consultation from a qualified doctor before using the capsules. Overdosing may put your health at risk. Therefore, strictly follow the recommended dosage for maximum effectiveness. To preserve the potency of ingredients used, store the capsules in a cool and dry place, away from the reach of children.

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