Consider using Party-E Happy Caps if you want to spike up your energy levels and get in the mood for an unforgettable party or festival. They are powerful herbal formulas with a wide spectrum of effects ranging from euphoria to bursts of energy.

Party-E Happy Caps

Whether you intend to party all night long or need an energy boost after a stressful experience, Party-E capsules are there to sort you out. The potent formula used will get you fired up in an instant and keep you dancing all night without getting worn out.

Ingredients Used for Party-E

Each capsule of the Happy Caps contains green tea extract 306 mg, Caffeine 80mg, L-tyrosine 50mg, Yerba mate 33mg, Theobromine 20mg, Cayenne extract 15mg and vitamins. In addition, Ginger extract 15mg, Gelatin and Chromium 2.4 mcg are used to further enhance the formula. All minerals used are fully natural and have been carefully selected to ensure you get maximum results from the capsules.

Effects of the Party-E

You will experience good vibes and a burst of meaningful energy in your quest to take the party sensation to the next level. Also, you will feel charged up without losing a grip on reality or without experiencing the side effects common with other stimulants. Worried about leaving the party early? Well, Party-E capsules will keep the party vibes going without you feeling tired. The capsules elevate your moods, meaning that drinking, dancing, flirting and the overall party experience is enhanced.

Party-E Use and dosage

Take one or two capsules with water or juice an hour before you wish the desired effects to kick in. The wide spectrum of effects will last between four and five hours, an ample period to have maximum fun. A pack of Party-E capsules contains four pills that should ideally last you for two days since you should not exceed two tablets daily.

Warning on Usage

Party-E Happy Caps contain caffeine to provide users with much needed energy. If you are allergic to the substance or any other ingredient, avoid ingesting the capsules as they may cause unpleasant effects. Avoid mixing the capsules with anti-depressants, coffee, energy drinks and other drugs due to the health risk it may cause. Discontinue usage once you experience adverse effects, and seek help from a qualified physician.

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