Get the party going with the natural party formula, MDNX. It will deliver a dazzling energy boost with an unquenchable thirst for “debauching”. The effects are characterised as obtaining an energy boost allowing you to go on all night long without fatigue. The MDN X party pill has a lime flavour. It is a natural party pill for true die-hards. Compared to the other herbals in the line, LemonX and UltimateX, MDNX is the “cleanest” source of energy with a dose of mild euphoria. Enhance your mood and dance the night away! MDNX can be combined with alcohol as long as you don’t overdo it. Get yours from our Holland High Webshop today.

Ingredients of MDN X

The MDN X packet has 4 natural tablets. The creators thought wise to give users a natural source of energy, good moods and euphoria. They settled on extracts from top quality plants grown under strict rules and regulations. The process is checked for any mistakes, and the final product is thoroughly inspected to eliminate any impurities. It is safe to use and should not have any negative effects on healthy adults without a medical condition or pregnant. The ingredients used are; Maca, Ginger, DL-phenylalanine, Caffeine.

Effects of MDN X

No party can go wrong with this incredible mood enhancer. Pop some pills at a party, depending on your tolerance, and watch your head get clear and your moods enhance. Euphoria will engulf you as happiness levels in your rise. You will become the life of the party with your mad energy and chatty cool vibes. It will help you have your drink, knowing the night is still young.

How to Use MDN X

Consume MDN X orally 15 minutes before you head out to your party. Flush it down with water and drink a lot more. Take your favourite beverages after the 15 minutes to enhance the effects. Limit yourself to less than one pack(6 pills) in a day(24 hours). Limit yourself to less than one pack(6 pills) in a day(24 hours).


Ensure you keep the pills away from the reach of children and pets as they could overwhelm them. Anyone dealing with a medical issue, taking medication, pregnant or breastfeeding should reach out to their health providers for advice before using MDN X. You are also advised to avoid coffee and energy drinks when using the pills. Stop usage and see a doctor if you experience any side effects.


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