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These trip stoppers are the perfect preparation if you are going to use truffles. You will feel safe knowing that you can reduce the effects of your trip at any point of your adventure. Truffles can make one person feel really good and it can make another person feel really paranoid.

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Feeling paranoid can be dangerous to yourself or others, these pills prevent this from happening so that you and the people around you are safe.

Effects and usage of our trip stoppers

Magic truffles can make you hallucinate, which causes you to see or feel things that are not there, because your senses experience everything differently. You can feel the effects of the truffles, half an hour to an hour after consuming, and it can last up to 6 hours on average depending on your weight, health, tolerance and the amount you ingested.

The preparation of a trip can be very important for the course of your trip. Feeling safe is important during your trip, because it may happen that you freak out from being overwhelmed by the effects the truffles give you. Taking these pills will reduce the effects of the truffles preventing panic.

The package contains 4 pills, 2 light colored and 2 dark colored pills. It is recommended to take 1 light pill and 1 dark pill to reduce the effects. The light pill contains dextrose, which helps minimize the effects of the truffles. The dark pill contains valerian, which will help you to calm down and relax so the come down will go smoothly.

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