Are you looking for instant energy to last you throughout a night party? Happy Caps Energy-E capsules should serve you just right. Made with a mix of energy boosters, the capsules are designed to give you enough boosts of power and simulation.

Energy-E Happy Caps

As the name suggests, they will make you feel charged up and uninhibited all night long so you don’t have to worry about getting tired. Unlike other chemical energy boosters, Energy-E Happy Caps allow you to stay activated but without side effects.

Energy-E Ingredients

The capsules are made up of carefully selected natural ingredients of the highest quality. Consequently, they have no harmful effects on your body like other brands. Beta-alanine 390 mg, 180 mg I-arginine, I-cartinine, rhodiola rosea 160 mg, guarana 160 mg, Bioperine, amino acids and vitamin complex make the key ingredients present in the capsules.

Energy-E Use and Dosage

It is recommended to take one or two capsules only 45 minutes before the desired effects. The dosage is flexible to allow users with different body weights, conditions and experience. Strict observation of the set dosage should be adhered to since exceeding the two capsules per day may cause unforeseen effects in your body.


Before using the capsules check through the listed ingredients to ascertain that you are not allergic to any of them. Additionally, consult your doctor in case of reactions and effects outside the normal. Mixing the capsules with other drugs including alcohol may cause harmful effects and put your health at undesired risks. Enjoy the capsules responsibly by adhering to the recommended dosage.

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