Brain-E from Happy caps is an energizer for the mind. They are natural mind boosters made to give you maximum focus and enhanced concentration for hours on end. Made with a powerful formula, it is ideal to keep you more alert so that you can absorb as much new information as possible.

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Brain-E Happy Caps

It not only increases your brain functions but also stimulates your mind to keep you at your maximum productivity for long periods. The potent mix of natural nootropics is best suited for long study sessions and other activities requiring your mind to stay at peak performance.

Brain-E Ingredients

Rhodolia rosea extract 100mg, I-tryptophan 100mg, choline 100mg, DMAE 75 mg, Gaba 75mg, niacin 15 mg, caffeine 25 mg, i-theanine 60mg, I-carnitine 50mg, magnesium stearate and hydroxypropyl form the major ingredients used. They are mixed alongside vital vitamins, amino and compounds to give the perfect blend ideal for peak brain performance.

Brain-E Effects

You will experience improved alertness and sharpness after using the pill, in addition to a burst of energy and better cognitive functions. Likewise, you will notice higher concentration levels spanning for long durations, in which you can perform tasks at optimum ability.

How to use and dosage Brain-E

A pack of Happy Caps Brain-E capsules contains four pills. Take one or two depending on your weight and desired effects, 45 minutes before the intended task. You will experience a gradual boost in the desired effects as you proceed. Do not exceed the recommended dosage of only two capsules per day.


Only use the recommended amount of capsules in a day since overdosing may trigger unwanted effects as well as cause potential health risks. Store the capsules in a cool dry place far from the reach of children. Additionally, you are advised to avoid mixing the capsules with alcohol and other drugs as they may be harmful to your health.

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    I am not sure if it works, I did not feel anything.

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