White Widow Brownie


You will find the White Widow Brownie in Hollands High Bakehouse’s range of traditional, cannabis brownies and it combines a hit of Cannabis with all your favourite goodies. This one comes at mid-level strength, which you can enjoy as newcomers or OG users! It has an infused cannabinoid content, but there won’t be any THC left after eating them because they’re 100% natural – no artificial ingredients used here whatsoever (so don’t worry about getting hooked)!

All online sold edibles are THC Free! 

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Ingredients of White Widow Brownies

Every cannabis smoker should try White Widow. It’s one of the most popular strains from Amsterdam coffeeshops, and it has an amazing taste that will have you wanting more! We also used this same strain for our tasty brownies called “White Widow Brownie”.
The other ingredients are specially selected to ensure the quality of the cookie is top-notch. The bakers utilise natural ingredients fused with the White widow strain to make the incredible White Widow Brownies.

Benefits of White Widow Brownies

Brownies are the ultimate comfort food. So if you’re looking for an edible that will give your body and mind just what it needs, look no further than these tasty brownie bites made with cannabis benefits in mind! These sweet treats can help relax or soothe any stressful feelings of fatigue while still tasting delicious – perfect as a late-night snack after work when all else seems exhausting too.

Usage and Storage of White Widow Brownies

White Widow cookies are created to give the user a good time without getting high. They are a perfect snack to use at any time of the day and are best enjoyed alongside beverages such as tea and coffee. If you are like us, who finish one brownie at a go, kudos. If you will save some for later, wrap it up carefully and refrigerate to keep it fresh.

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    Rather buy a 5 star intensity one. This was too soft

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