Vegan Cannabis Brownie


The most delicious vegan brownies are now available to everyone! The Hollands High Bakehouse has professionally mastered how to make them. They have high-quality products that will not disappoint any palate. They are safe for consumption and fit any budget or tolerance level- there is something perfect in every flavour category imaginable at our Bakehouse.

All online sold edibles are THC Free! 

Ingredients of Vegan Cannabis Brownie

Hemp contains cannabinoids used in making our Vegan Cannabis Brownie. Our products are special because they do not have the psychoactive effects other CBD products might produce—meaning you can enjoy all of their benefits without any side effects or worries about being high! Our cannabis brownies also happen to be vegan too; that means there’s no eggs used in them at all – just pure deliciousness with an enjoyable edge from THC Terpene oil added on top for extra flavour excitement.
Benefits of Vegan Cannabis Brownies

Holland High Bakehouse offers a delicious selection of goods made with natural ingredients. They are committed to providing healthy, nutritious products that taste great for customers without compromising their diets or lifestyles! The brownies at our bakery have been crafted in an innovative way because we want all types of dietetics choices available – vegan-friendly included!

As a user, you get to enjoy the cannabinoids without getting high. The brownies make you feel good within your skin, improve your moods and help suppress some other medical symptoms. The brownies are safe for vegans who shy away from animal products.

Usage and Storage of Vegan Cannabis Brownies

Being vegan does not mean very different. Vegan Brownies are consumed like the other products on our shelves at any time of the day. They are easy to use and will not attract any unwanted attention like cannabis. They have no THC making them legal in different places. To keep them fresh always wrap them up and if planning to use them long term, refrigerate them.

The Vegan Cannabis Brownies from the iconic bakehouse are available for purchase, and we offer fast delivery. Each order comes with discreet shipping, meaning you can enjoy these vegan treats guilt-free!

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