Silver Haze Cannabis Cookies


You can enjoy the mild effects of Silver Haze cannabis cookies for an extended period without feeling too high. The chocolate pieces are not only tasty but also full-bodied and baked with quality ingredients. They will keep you satisfied for longer than any other cookie on earth! You won’t get couch-locked by our delicious THC free treats thanks to their unique blend containing CBDs which help relax your body while inducing feelings of happiness or contentment instead.

All online sold edibles are THC Free! 

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Ingredients of Silver Haze Cannabis Cookies

Silver Haze Cannabis Cookies are baked using top quality natural ingredients to maintain their authenticity. The breeders infuse the Silver Haze cannabis strain into the mixture to create a cookie with more uses and tastes. The Silver Haze strain is known to amplify the mood in which are already. If you are a creative being, you will get an incredible boost of creativity that can’t be stopped and makes it so you do not put off any task at hand when using this product!
The strain is famed for her uplifting nature visible in the cookies but at a milder rate.

Benefits and Taste of Silver Haze Cannabis Cookies

It will be hard to find another flavour that compares, from the moment you take your first bite of our Silver Haze cannabis cookies. The mild effects and delicious taste are just what we love about these chocolate-covered treats! You can enjoy them for hours without feeling any mental strain or physical discomfort from overindulgence in moderation – but do not worry if others want some too because they are so tasty!

Use and Storage of Silver Haze Cannabis Cookies

Legal terpenes? Check. Healthy snack during the day without getting high or stoned? Got it!
No more sneaking cookies into work with you. They are legal to use by law in most places, and there is no problem eating them at any time as longs as those snacks do not contain THC, which can make someone high.
You can utilise the cookies at any time of the day, even before engaging in heavy duties like driving a car. Eat the cookies at a go or, if not, should be well wrapped to maintain the freshness or refrigerated if you intend to use them for long.

Silver Haze Cannabis Cookies are great if one part in particular needs some soothing after dealing with stressful situations all day long at work

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