Green Gelato Brownie


If you’re looking for a strong dose of CBD, our Green Gelato brownies will do the trick. This sweet treat has a rich chocolate flavour with hints of fruit and aromas that evoke exotic images in your head! You won’t be able to resist finishing this huge piece because it tastes so good. You get to have a nice time without getting high. It is a perfect way to have a chilled time at any time of the day.

All online sold edibles are THC Free! 

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Ingredients of Green Gelato Brownies

The strain Green Gelato is a beautiful hybrid derived from two well-known varieties. She is loved by both recreational users and medicinal consumers for her calming effects on the body, mind, pain management abilities – even sleep improvement!

The ingredients for our delicious brownies are carefully selected to meet all strict hygiene standards required by the food agency. We ensure that you’re 100% sure of what’s inside every brownie, muffin or cookie because we always think about your needs first!

Benefits of Green Gelato Brownies

The rich flavour of these CBD-infused brownies will make you forget all about your anxiety while eating them. With no THC, they provide an entirely different experience than smoking marijuana for health benefits without the psychoactive effect that would create unwanted side effects in someone who isn’t looking to get high.

Usage and Storage of Green Gelato Brownies

Cannabis brownies are a delicious way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without feeling high. Brownie fans can eat them at any time, which means they’re always there for you when stress starts taking over! Using edibles does not require experience or tolerance like with pot-based medicine is great because anyone could have one bite to enhance their day.

If you are unable to finish one of these at a go- which we doubt, unless it is just us, please remember to wrap them up to maintain their freshness. Better still, you can refrigerate them.

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