Fat Banana Cannabis Cookies


Fat Banana is a result of the love game between OG Kush and Chiquita Banana- two strains highly praised by connoisseurs for their high THC content and delicious taste. One is known as “the holy grail” by medical marijuana patients requiring serious pain relief but does not want any psychoactivity or mental effects from their medication. It is no surprise that Fat Banana is used in making quality cookies. Order yours today and enjoy the incredible taste without getting high.

All online sold edibles are THC Free! 

Benefits and Taste of Fat Banana Cookies

Fat Banana cannabis cookies are a great way to enjoy your favourite treat without feeling high or stoned. We gently melt chocolate inside each bite, ensuring that there’s never any harshness from the psychoactive effects of THC in these delicious chocolates – just pure flavour satisfaction! Not only do they have an exotic banana taste you’ll love, but Fat Bananas also come wrapped up nicely. No one has an excuse when it comes to downing another batch.

Ingredients of Fat Banana Cookies

Fat Banana Cannabis Cookies are the perfect treat for anyone who wants to get High. The strain packs a THC capacity of 25% and will knock you with a subtle physical high that can easily render you sluggish and couch-locked. It could be detrimental, especially if you have a busy day ahead. But luckily, this ingenious team found a way to extract every last drop, so our customers don’t need to worry about getting wasted in an instant.

Usage and Storage of Fat Banana Cookies

Each cookie is a delicious sweet treat. They are perfect for treating yourself during stressful days or as an evening snack while watching TV with a beverage of choice! You can make even the busiest day into something tolerable when you eat just one or two cookies.
These treats are not only delicious but also soothing, relaxing in more ways than one.


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