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Raise your hand if you’re a chocoholic. Now don’t be ashamed – many of us are hooked on chocolate, and we’re always trying to find new ways to enjoy our favourite flavour. If you’re a chocolate fan who wants to buy cannabis cakes online, look no further! Perfect at any time of day – whether you want a muffin to accompany your morning coffee, or you fancy an unusual dessert after a meal – the Chocolate Haze Muffin is a delicious indulgence with a fascinating twist.

All online sold edibles are THC Free! 

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And what is that twist? Cannabis, of course! We have combined chocolate and cannabis to create a sweet treat that you’ll love. The herb in question is the Chocolate Haze, a cross-breed made by combining the Cannalope Haze and Chocolope X. Like all of our herbs, the Chocolate Haze is all-natural. It blends perfectly with the chocolate flavour of this muffin, giving you something a little bit special to brighten up your day.

Prepared with 100% all-natural ingredients, the Chocolate Haze Muffin will be delivered to you freshly baked following your online order. We strive to present you with a muffin that will arrive at your house tasting just as good as it did straight from the oven. Our baked products are recommended for consumption by those over the age of 20. We can also reassure you that our Chocolate Haze Muffin is completely free from THC.

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