Cannabis Leaves


The Cannabis Gummy Leaves Candies are ideal for cannabis lovers who love to try candy in the shape of their favourite plant. The marijuana flavour will amaze you! It makes this product an excellent alternative if users want something with less sugar and more effects like edibles, tinctures or topicals. You get the same marijuana taste without having to deal with getting high. Order today and try this marvel yourself.

All online sold edibles are THC Free! 

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Truly Special

Cannbis lovers looking for sweet treats can indulge in these delicious leaf-shaped gummies, which contain premium grade organic hemp extract infused right into each piece. They taste just as good (or better) than anything else out there – without any THC whatsoever because it isn’t legal everywhere yet.

Effects of Cannabis Leaves

Cannabis Leaves are a friendly, psychoactive gummy that will not make you feel anything besides relaxed. It takes about an hour for these treats’ effects to kick in, and they were created for people who suffer from stress-relief issues. The sweet flavour combined with CBD makes them super delicious while also creating their signature “high” feeling good without any other side effects or worries whatsoever.

Usage and Dosage of Cannabis Leaves

There are many benefits of CBD, unlike THC. Unlike the psychoactive effects marijuana can have for some people, cannabidiol doesn’t produce these side effects. You could take your cannabis treats anywhere without worrying about breaking any laws! Please note: The maximum dosage in one day should not exceed six mgs if possible; any increase would depend on how someone feels after consuming their full amount each time they use it.

Storage of Cannabis Leaves

It is best not to store the gummies in a warm place or where it is accessible to sunlight. These candies have been known for melting, which does more harm than good! Plus they need to be far away from the reach of children’s hands and noses-amongst many other creatures’ mouths who love these little sweets too much (dogs & other pets).

Order your Cannabis leaves today, and you will thank us in no time.

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  1. Alice (verified owner)

    This one tastes really bad. Mine is still there, I just cannot eat them. I did not feel anything as well.

  2. A H. (verified owner)

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