Echinopsis macrogona (AKA Trichocereus macrogonus) is a revered cactus with a long history of being utilised in shamanic customs in Middle and South America. Like the Peruvian Torch cactus, Echinopsis macrogona contains Mescaline, giving it strong hallucinogenic and stimulating properties. Therefore, it is not a party drug. Some contrast this assortment with the Peruvian Torch desert flora, apparently comparable. With the Echinopsis macrogona seeds accessible at Hollands High Webshop, you would now be able to develop this hallowed cactus at home! Order yours today!

History of Echinopsis Macrogana

Very little is known of the origin and rise of this phenomenal cactus. It is theorised that it comes from Bolivia, Brazil, or Argentina. To date, there is no verification of this. Shamans utilised it for otherworldly customs and therapeutic purposes. Like the Peruvian Torch can reach a height of a few meters in nature. It can attain a circumference of up to 10 cm for certain singular cactus or significantly more. The prickly plant has a somewhat blue-green tone with dark-hued areoles and yellow-earthy colored spines.

Effects of Echinopsis Macrogana

The accompanying impacts will show themselves during the utilisation of Macroganus:

  • Change of discernment, view of the world changed during a custom.
  • Permeability is considerably more bright and concentrated.
  • Objects get shapes, mutilate or transmit light.
  • Change in existence, the space adjusts to the outing (once it seems bigger, the other time more modest).
  • Time appears to stop during an excursion.
  • Expansion in tactile insights (synaesthesias), music is seen, a photograph becomes animated, and a few articles feel unexpectedly.
  • Delicate to evolving temperaments.
  • Acquiring experiences into your own life or an expansion in life astuteness.
  • Going through an otherworldly or strict experience.

Contents of Macroganus Grow Kit

The unit contains the following:

  • Fertilised soil
  • Perlite
  • Gravel
  • Container with lid
  • Macroganus seeds

The kit’s contents will assist you with keeping away from the issue of conflicting stockpile and indecisiveness in quality. Enlighten your nursery by utilizing the Peruvian Torch Kit from Hollands High Webshop.

How to grow Macroganus seeds

  • The Macroganus cactus is best developed in a cleaned blend of sand, perlite, and rock (or peat).
  • Clean and disinfect the developing compartment. Make sure to add tiny seepage openings in the mature box to lessen the chances of over-watering.
  • The climate ought to be sticky and ambient around 23 °C (73 ºF); however, don’t put the developing medium straightforwardly on a warmer.
  • Try not to allow the youthful cacti to reach out to coordinate daylight; fluorescent lighting is crucial for the initial three months.
  • Solely after the cacti are a year old, would it be advisable to set them in direct sunlight

Warning and Caution

Keep this unit in a cool and safe spot like a kitchen pantry and out of the scope of children.
Peyote can be dangerous when gotten together with liquor or MAO inhibitors. It is not a social party drug. Reliably counsel your PCP first and read the pack pamphlet of your medicine to obstruct conceivable outcomes. In like way, don’t utilize expecting you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not drive or work hardware after devouring.


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