Mokum B+


Magic mushroom strain Mokum B+ is the epitome of unique psilocybes. It has gained popularity around the world, and with reason- they grow to produce attractive fruit bodies that can reach up to heights of 30cm. With the fresh mushroom mycelium box Mokum B+ you are guaranteed several flushes. You will get a minimum of 4 flushes as long as you take care of the grow kit.

No Warranty on Growkits

Due to the vulnerability and freshness of this product, we do not provide a warranty for growkits. Ordering growkits is at your own risk. We do not refund, or reship growkits under any condition.

Origins of Psilocybe Cubensis Mokum B+

Most Mushroom strains have an origin covered in mystery. It is hard to prove the theories, and Mokum B+ is not left behind. The folk tale states that a certain Mr G from Florida was the first grower of the psilocybe Mokum B+. The story has come under doubt as different personas of Mr G are out in public. Nevertheless, if he was the first cultivator, we must appreciate him for giving us a popular and sought-after strain.

Effects of Psychedelic Magic Mushrooms

Mokum B+ has a name that fits its effects. It is a highly positive strain known to alter the mood and perception of the users. You will start to feel uplifted 20 minutes after taking its fruits, and the effect could last up to 6 hours. You will be taken on a trip into the cosmos with visual treats that will leave you excited.

The magic shrooms are also known to heighten the philosophical sides of their users. Be ready to take in-depth life lessons as you transverse other dimensions of reality. It is also known to have lesser nausea effects as compared to other magic mushroom strains.

Characteristics of Magic Mushrooms Mokum B+

Mokum B+ is a prolific grower. It produces large fruits with other cultivators recording fruits as large as 35 cm in length. The stems will grow to around 15 and 20 cm, with the diameter of the hat averaging between 2cm and 7 cm. The strain grows in different conditions, with warmer climates being ideal.

Mokum B+ will have caramel hats and white stems.

Contents of Fresh Mushrooms Mycelium Box Mokum B+

To grow and enjoy these beautiful mushrooms, you will need a psychedelic mushroom growing kit. You will find the following in the package;

  • A perlite layer to retain and drain water
  • A colonised substrate layer
  • A vermiculite layer as a casing

Growing Psychedelic Magic Mushrooms Mokum B+

Mokum B+ grows anywhere. It does not discriminate growing areas with growth outdoors in different conditions. The strain does well in both summer and winter. It is versatile and easy to grow, making it easier for novice growers to use the grow kit.

Given the conditions below, Mokum B+ will give you abundant rewards.

  • Substrates like dung and straw
  • Colonisation time of 8 to 10 days
  • colonisation temperatures 28 to 30 degrees celsius
  • Fruiting temperatures between 7 degrees Celsius and 37 degrees Celcius

Get your fresh mushroom mycelium box and get a reward of not less than 4 flushes.

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