Welcome the most famous magic mushrooms to your collection. As the first known psychoactive shrooms, they went ahead to be a favourite among mushroom lovers. They produce distinct fruits with variations that confuse other individuals. It colonises faster than any other psilocybes. The product is large mushrooms with yellow hats and relatively tall stalks. They are easy to maintain and will reward you generously.

No Warranty on Growkits

Due to the vulnerability and freshness of this product, we do not provide a warranty for growkits. Ordering growkits is at your own risk. We do not refund, or reship growkits under any condition.

Origins of Psilocybes Cubensis Mexicana

From the name itself, it is evident that this strain originates from Mexico. It is a third-generation strain used by the indigenous people of Mazatec. It was considered to have healing powers and was dominant in healing rituals. It is considered the father of mushrooms as it was the first magic mushroom to be identified as psychoactive. The famous researcher Albert Hofmann also found psilocybin and psilocin in the strain.

Effects of Magic mushrooms Mexicana

Mexicana delivers different effects to its users. The ancient tribes of South and Central America used the strain to connect to their gods. It is a psychoactive meal that will change how your mind works. Expect to connect to the spirits in a spiritual quest that may leave you inspired and philosophical.

Other users have reported having pain alleviation when under the influence of psilocybe Mexicana. Generally, the effects are mild. It is an ideal strain with which novice users can develop a tolerance. Magic mushroom experienced psychonauts will enjoy the psilocybes.

Characteristics of Magic Shrooms Mexicana

Observing the growth of Mexicana shrooms is exciting. At maturity, they will rock attractive yellow caps. They will vary in size, having a diameter ranging between a half centimetre to 3 centimetres. The stalk will be white and fleshy. Watch out for the height as they could grow from between 8 and 19cm. With this strain, you have to wait and see.

Contents of Fresh Mushroom Growing Kit Mexicana

After ordering a grow kit from the Holland High grow kit store, expect the following contents in the mycelium box;

  • A perlite layer to retain and drain water
  • A colonised substrate layer
  • A vermiculite layer as a casing

Growing Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana

Mexicana mushrooms are easy to grow and maintain. They are ideal for any beginner who would want to try them out. Following the instruction in the grow kit will make the job easier. Provide the optimal conditions and wait for the harvest. The conditions include;

  • Substrates such as Dung, Flour, WSC and grains
  • Humidity. Use a mist bottle
  • A colonisation period of 10 to 14 days
  • A colonisation temperature of between 28 to 30 degrees celsius
  • A fruiting temperature ranging between 18 to 27 degrees celsius

Enjoy these famous magic shrooms.

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