Anyone looking for psychedelic encounters resembling those of the ancient shamans, Amazonian Magic Mushrooms is what you seek. With capabilities to help you in your soul searching endeavours, Amazonian has grown to be among the world favourites. She matures to a tall stature with an extrinsic cap and a notable nipple. This cubensis provides a quick colonization speed.

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Magic Mushrooms Grow Kit Amazonian

The Amazonian Mushrooms are also known as Amazonian Paddos. With most of it located in Central and South America, it is believed to have originated in the Amazon forests. It is thought that the tribal Shaman groups of the Amazon used the mushrooms in conducting their spiritual rituals. Although, it is not proven.

Effects of Amazonian Mushrooms

PES Amazonian delivers joy and excitement to the user. If you are after the shamanistic abilities of the Amazonians, this is the ideal choice. The Psilocybe Cubensis has the characteristics of inducing happiness and give energy. Put on your dancing shoes because the shrooms will make you want to dance. Expect a potent body buzz that will drive you into the cosmos. You will experience spiritual enlightenment as you have never before. You will undergo induced visuals that will heighten your creativity and philosophical thinking. She is the perfect Psilocybe Cubensis if you are looking to escape the world for a while.

Growing Amazonian Mushrooms

This strain is known for its huge, plump, nipple shaped caps and fast-growing capabilities. They grow to a taller stature when compared to other Psilocybes. Its cap tends to be flat, with red-brown colouring in the middle. They will reach heights of around 15cm, with some reports mentioning up to 30cm.

The Psychedelic mushroom growing kit comes with:

  • A film of perlite to hold water
  • Colonized rye cake
  • A casing layer/vermiculite

Once the kit is in your hands, your work is as simple as spraying water daily and waiting. They are ready to grow kits.  Use substrates like dung, straw and grains to get good yields.

What to expect from these Fresh Mushrooms:

  • A colonization period of 10 to 12 days
  • A colonization temperature of 28 to 30 Celsius
  • A fruiting temperature of 23 to 27 Celsius
  • 400 to 600 grams of fresh mushrooms after a few weeks of flushes

Amazonian is an easy mushroom strain to cultivate. Enjoy her dried shrooms and explore the heavens.

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