Psilocybe Hollandia


The Psilocybe Hollandia is one of our active strains. One pack of 15 grams is sufficient for two in number treks with – perfect for involvement with your most put stock in pal. You will share an indescribable sentiment elation, nearness and solidarity and inventive way of thinking.

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The Psilocybe Hollandia has a substantial impact – It is one of the two strains that influenced it to get a 5 out of 5. Hollandia assortment of enchantment truffles you will find in all likelihood encounter mental trips – on the off chance that you set out to take enough. However, significantly littler measurements will send waves through your body when the impact begins. Your faculties are honed (your eyes could be excessively sharp really), imaginative believing is at its maximum capacity and a sentiment being unified with nature can emerge. The happening impacts enormously change from individual to individual and cannot be looked at or anticipated because they rely on numerous individual, relational words, and natural conditions.

The Quality, measurements and the utilization of Hollandia 

The Psilocybe Hollandia ought to be delighted in with a lot of alertness. Anything from 7 down to 5 grams is sufficient to demonstrate to you an alternate world. Starting at 10-12 we are discussing a medium to robust impact (once more, contingent upon many variables) and the full heap of 15 grams is prescribed for the most frequent clients. A great many people bite the knobs and swallow them. However, some incline toward an invention made with heated water or even add tea to the mix to cover the taste – despite the fact that the psilocybe Hollandia by chance tastes a considerable measure superior to the average enchantment truffle.

Caution when using Hollandia.

Try not to utilize enchantment truffles when you are in an awful state of mind, depressed, maniacal or rationally one-sided. Enchantment truffles are not appropriate for people under the age of 18 or pregnant ladies. It is also not shrewd to drive or work substantial hardware affected by psilocybin. Enchantment truffles ought to never be brought into the mix with liquor or different medications (recommended or illicit). Begin with a little measurement and ensure you feel great about your organization and condition.

7 reviews for Psilocybe Hollandia

  1. J. Janssen

    I tried some magic mushrooms, but could not eat them because it was to disgustting, also some of the truffels are disgusting. So I never had a good experience untill I tried the Hollandia, the taste is very good, a bit like nuts. and the high is just amazing! Best trip experience of my life!

  2. Oliver (verified owner)

  3. Inês (verified owner)

  4. Manjeet V. (verified owner)

    Only took 7 grams and wow what an experience 7 hours of bliss.

  5. Xiyue P. (verified owner)

  6. Ilze (verified owner)

  7. Igor Siskov (verified owner)

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