Pink Paradise Truffles


Anticipate an incredibly visual and a creative experience. A powerful excursion in any event for the allround Truffles enthusiast. You will experience an overwhelming euphoria, empathy, and closeness. Try out this wonderful allround experience with Pink Paradise Truffles. Place your at the Holland’s High Webshop to get the Pink Paradise Truffles at your doorstep and, rock your world in a spiritual way!

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About Pink Paradise Truffles

Pink paradise takes you to the next level of good vibes, and creativity. With Pink Paradise magic truffles, you will be transported back to that era of the 1980’s and it feels like you are back in time. This wonderful pink paradise is a place to feel free, welcome and good. You can expect laughter and lots of eye opening moments, These strong truffles will be able to give you everything you need from your trip. From the colorful visuals to the intense moments of euphoria, there is no end to how diverse this ride is and we recommend to discover it for yourself. Developed as a tribute to life, these Smart truffles are an ode to the people who want to really enjoy life the spiritual way. There are three keys to happiness here: love, equality, and connection. Isn’t that what a paradise sounds like?

Usage of the Pink Paradise Truffels

You can consume Pink Paradise Truffles in more than way, depending on what works best for you. You could opt to chew the truffles, brew them with tea or soup or add them to a meal you are taking. Do not take any sugar when you want to use truffels as it makes te effects much weaker. The effects will greatly depend on various factors including, the amount you consume, your age, body weight and the meal you have that day.

1 review for Pink Paradise Truffles

  1. Fhr_marci (verified owner)

    Even got 2 lighter, 3 king sized rolling paper for free! Deserved my respect, Hollandshigh! Beautiful truffles btw, felt good!

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