Muskoka Magic Mushroom Truffles are the best option for individuals trying to achieve an introspective trip alongside a strong brain effect. They will deliver intense visuals alongside focused senses, and your surroundings will feel foreign and better as the effects take over. You will experience warm shivers as euphoria sets alongside deep thoughts. Keep these beautiful magic truffles well, and they will serve you well. Novice users will have an easy time using her. It is the perfect truffle to experiment on. Order your Muskoka Magic truffles from our Hollands High Webshop Today.

Magical and Philosophical

Muskoka Magic mushroom Truffles are the best for any beginner. The truffles have been used over the years to build some tolerance before venturing into the world of herbal highs. They are psilocybes with psychedelic psilocybin. They are high-quality truffles grown under special conditions to ensure the perfect end product. It has grown into a powerhouse psilocybe that almost all users have once tried. Ensure you follow the guidelines before consumption.

Effects of Muskoka Magic Truffles

Muskoka will take up to an hour to take effect and start with a warm shiver that will leave you a bit shocked. It is a normal thing, and you are advised not to panic. It is the perfect truffle for anyone looking for a thoughtful strain with strong brain effects. It will offer philosophical thoughts and expand your mind to see the world more intuitively. You may experience some spasm of laughter and giggles while being chatty.

The effects will affect people in various ways due to different reasons. Some of the reasons include your history with magic truffles. The effects are more pronounced in individuals with zero experience. The amount you consume will also determine your trip, while metabolism will affect how fast the effects set. The trip may be escorted by sensory sensations especially sound and colour.

How to use Muskoka Magic Truffles

Muskoka magic truffles are consumed orally and need to be chewed before swallowing. They will have the best results when on an empty stomach or two hours after you have eaten. They will have a bitter earthy taste that you can deal with by consuming water alongside them. Avoid any other stimulants during this time, and do not use alcohol.

The dosage of Muskoka magic truffles is;

  • Beginner- Beginners are advised to start with as little as 10g and will enjoy all the mild effects of the mushroom truffle
  • Experienced Users-  If you have enough experience with the psychedelic mushroom truffles, use 20g and above to unlock new trip levels

Storage and Caution

Muskoka magic truffles are perishable, and all unopened packages should be refrigerated. Once you open them, you have a few days to consume all of them as refrigeration will not preserve them. It should be stored in a cool dry place away from the reach of children and pets. Get yours from our Hollands High webshop and enjoy trips to outer space and deep into the world of philosophy.

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