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Are you a beginner in using mushrooms and want to step into the immersive world of a shroom trip? Visit Hollands High Webshop to experience this new horizon. Also known as Flesh Of The Gods, Psilocybe Mexicana guarantees a standard euphoric trip and general satisfaction and joy. It provides a deep dive into the brain’s workings, thus providing inner clarity.

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Euphoric trip

Magic Truffles originate from Mexico. They were discovered in the Oaxaca region in 1958 by the great psychedelic pioneer R Gordon Wasson. Sclerotia were pioneered by the father of LSD, Albert Hofmann. . They are significant in comprehending the existence cycle and multiplication of organisms, as a food source, as medication (for instance, fungi).

Through his research, Hofmann grew them, thus making them suitable for beginners. To pique your curiosity on obtaining the mildest possible effect, the Mexicana Magic Truffes is the lightest available in our line of truffles.

Effects of Mexicana Magic Truffles

Even though it is the lightest of our truffles, you should try it in moderation fr beginners. In addition, a trip sitter is recommended. For that matter. Because some new users cannot stomach the weight of the new revelation brought by a psychedelic trip Furthermore, make sure you are in the right headspace to embark on your maiden trip. It will safeguard your mental state if the trip is not pleasant. You will experience an elevation in your mood and more self-love.

It is worth noting that the effects vary from person to person, attributed to different metabolic rates and levels of tolerance to shrooms. The effects kick in after 30 minutes of consumption and last upto 6 hours; for the best results, ingest two hours after your last meal.
How to Use Mexicana Magic Truffles

Continuously start with a low portion. Enchantment truffles can be eaten or utilized as tea (let it stew for 20 minutes, don’t allow the water to bubble). First impacts are now being felt following 15-30 minutes. Take two hours after your meal to get the best results.

The Dosages for Mexicana Magic Truffles are;

  • Beginners-┬ástart with a dose of five grams if you are starting magic truffles. It will deliver mild effects and not overwhelm you.
  • Experiences Users- If you are looking to venture into new levels of magic mushroom truffles, start with 10 grams or more.

Storage and Caution

Mexicana Magic Truffles is a mild psychedelic substance that you should keep away from children. It should not be consumed alongside alcohol and works well with water. Do not drive after ingestion. Use it at home or in familiar surroundings, and do not use other stimulants. Also, remember that they last a few months after opening the package. Get yours from our Hollands High Webshop today.

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