Boost your energy today with Mister Maka’s Makanaut Magic Truffles. They are known to provide users with mild euphoria alongside spasms of energy ideal for when doing something. You will experience some form of visual sensation where colour becomes more pronounced while sounds become clearer and distinctive. Some users report experiencing laugh kicks, but no hallucinations occur. You will feel good about yourself and enter into an abyss f joy. It is perfect for use with friends on the weekend in the evening. Head to our Hollands High Webshop for the Makanaut Magic Truffles.

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Full of Energy

Makanaut Magic Truffles are ideal for individuals with some experience using truffles and magic mushrooms. Novice users are advised to build up their tolerance with other milder magic truffles before trying them. They are psilocybes with psychedelic psilocybin. They are high-quality truffles grown under special conditions to ensure the perfect end product. It has grown into a powerhouse psilocybe that almost all users have once tried. Ensure you follow the guidelines before consumption.

Effects of Makanaut Magic Truffles

As stated above, Makanaut Magic Truffles are medium/strong mushroom truffles ideal for individuals with some experience using mushrooms and truffles. They will take around 45 minutes to deliver effects, starting with euphoria. You will start to see clearer colours and may experience some giggling and spasms of laughter. You will not encounter hallucinations while using Makanaut Magic Truffles, making her perfect for someone who needs to get back to work.

Everyone will experience Makanaut Magic Truffles differently. The trip and effects are influenced by different reasons such as your metabolism. Those with a higher metabolism rate will get to enjoy the effects quicker, while those with no experience with the mushroom truffles will have strong effects. It will take up to 45 minutes to take effect, and your trip will gradually diminish over four to six hours.

How to Use Makanaut Magic Truffles

Makanaut Magic Truffles work best when the user is on an empty stomach or has stayed for three hours minus food. Users are advised to start with half a dose to check their tolerance before taking the whole dose. Chew the truffles good and swallow. Use water or unsugared tea to deal with the bitter earthy taste and avoid any other drugs.

The dosage of Muskoka magic truffles is;

  • Beginner- Beginners are advised to start with as little as 10g and will enjoy all the mild effects of the mushroom truffle
  • Experienced Users-  If you have enough experience with the psychedelic mushroom truffles, use 20g and above to unlock new trip levels

Storage and Caution

Makanaut magic truffles are perishable, and all unopened packages should be refrigerated. Once you open them, you have a few days to consume all of them as refrigeration will not preserve them. It should be stored in a cool dry place away from the reach of children and pets. Get yours from our Hollands High webshop.

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