High Chief


If you are looking for the best magic truffles to enjoy with your friends and buddies, High chief should be the ultimate solution for you. It will propel you to shoot into the realm of unconscious wisdom, ancestry knowledge, and enjoy our strongest magic truffle, the High Chief.

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The High Chief will keep you energized, give you a different visual and sensational expansion, and also give you a different perspective of time and space. This is an exemplary product ideal for relaxation.

The Structure of High Chief

The High Chief magic Truffles contain active ingredient psilocybin. Psilocybin is the product that has an effect on brain receptors to induce hallucinations and feelings of relaxations. Despite their difference in appearance, but the high is extraordinary. It has an exceptional odour, which is attractive and desirable.

High Chief Magic Truffles

Typically, our high chief package takes about ½ an hour to 1 hour to get ingested into your system, and about 3-6 hours to fade away. They are carefully bred with unique species, grown in the perfect conditions, harvested, and packaged in a healthy and purified package to ensure that the natural goodness remains intact.

High Chief Magic Truffles are not only standardized, but they also ensure that every potent is natural and advantageous for you. Our High Chief, is the greatest of all magic truffles. It is specially designed for parties and having a good time with friends. Holland’s High Chief will keep you relaxed, delightful, and entertained with your friends, and while still locking you in your realm of consciousness.

Order High Chief Magic Mushrooms today and experience a unique relaxation experience!

P.S. Ensure to keep some water nearby since the truffle will leave you thirsty after the trip is over.

13 reviews for High Chief

  1. Christian

    I love this High Chef because is best mushroom on earth! A cool experience.

  2. Lorraine (verified owner)

  3. anonymous (verified owner)

    Brilliant service, thank you for throwing in a grinder that was kind.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I use it for internal growth and spiritual purpose, and it definitely takes care for that. High Chief I recommend for people who are used of psychedelics because it is quite strong. I love it.

  5. anonymous (verified owner)

    I started on the cautious side by sharing a pack of Mexicana with my partner. We both felt pleasantly relaxed and as he has been stressed and overworked, that was enough for him. I’m a writer working on quite a surreal comedy, most of which is already as trippy and genius as it needs to be, but I’m seeking a clear vision to get to the finish. So I ended up taking the High Chief 15g alone and in two lots an hour apart as I wanted to test the intensity safely. Perhaps too much for someone who is stressed or out of balance emotionally but I have faced the dark aspects of myself and was determined to focus on spiritual questions, wellbeing and story inspiration. Visually the best trip I have ever had…the hallucinations were beautiful, including vivid live performances from the musicians I was listening to, a giggling ostrich with huge eyelashes and a new love of the cosy artistic home that I live in, including its flaws. Woke my partner up with a candlelit bath and cocktail at 2am…an experience like this gives spiritual faith in a higher order and beauty that goes beyond our habitual perception of self and the world around! Thank you for the quality products and swift service – I have just put in a second order…not to binge because that isn’t needed, but because I want to have an experience with my partner or a best friends at the same level of intensity and out in a beautiful natural spot 🙂

  6. Dominic (verified owner)

  7. joe h. (verified owner)

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Wow, just wow! These little things are powerful!!! Second time ordering. I’d say it’s suitable for this pack to be shared for a great experience but if you really want to take off munch the whole packet yourself!

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

  10. Tommy W. (verified owner)

  11. Carlos C. (verified owner)

  12. Chuck (verified owner)

    Like like like like like!!!! Best so far!!!

  13. Micheal (verified owner)

    Shared these with a friend, so I can’t comment really on a full dose! But half a pack of these will put you in a really nice floaty place. Great for when you’re enjoying a smoke in a more social situation (I usually enjoy a chill by the river when higher dosing 🙂 ). I can imagine a full pack is gonna put you in a good place.

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