Dutch Dragons


Are you a fanatic of magic mushroom truffles tired of the potency you have been receiving? Do you want to top on your current use for the best results? Dutch Dragons are the best magic mushroom truffle for you. It is a strong magic mushroom truffle with similar effects as Dragon Dynamite Truffles. It will deliver strong hallucinations accompanied by a journey into your thoughts and a new way to look at the world. It is the perfect fit for any experienced user trying to improve their experience. Get your Dutch Dragons from our Hollands High Webshop today.

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Eye Twisting Perceptions

Dutch Dragons are Psiclocybes and contain the psychedelic substance Psilocybin. It is responsible for the trip into your thoughts and the many hallucinations the mushroom truffle gives. It is one of the most potent varieties and comes second to Dragon’s dynamite. They originate from the Netherlands and are grown under strict supervision and methods to ensure the best quality product. It is the best option for people trying a stronger dose.

Effects of Dutch Dragons

Dutch Dragons are perfect for any experienced user trying to beat their tolerance. It is among the strongest variety and will deliver very intense effects. They will offer potent hallucinations, deep thoughts and eye-opening perceptions of the world. The psilocybin in the mushroom truffles give them hallucinogenic and chatty characteristics and make you want to share with friends.

While you should expect rainbows, new colours, very bright colours and even celestial bodies, Dutch Dragons effects tend to be specific to people. They will affect the user based on factors such as metabolism and experience with truffles. Expect the effects within an hour of consumption.

How to Use Dutch Dragons

Dutch Dragons will behave like mushrooms and truffles when consumed. They work better when someone is yet to eat or has two hours since they last ate. They are taken orally and need to be chewed well for maximum absorption in the stomach. Use water or sugarless tea to deal with the bitter earthy taste and wait for the effects.

The dosage of Dutch Dragons is;

  • Beginner- Beginners are advised to start with as little as 10g and will enjoy all the mild effects of the mushroom truffle
  • Experienced Users-  If you have enough experience with the psychedelic mushroom truffles, use 20g and above to unlock new trip levels

Storage and Caution

Truffles are very strong and could have dire consequences if consumed by a child. It requires discipline and commitment. Avoid other stimulants and alcohol when consuming the mushroom truffles, and have a trip sitter in case you are overwhelmed. Avoid handling heavy machines when under the influence and keep in a cool place. Keep the unopened packages in a fridge for up to two weeks and consume open packages in a few days. Order your Dutch Dragons from our Hollands High Weebshop today.


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