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While most mushrooms and truffles provide deep hallucinations, nothing beats Dragon’s Mind Magic Truffles. It is the perfect choice for anyone with experience looking for a stronger dosage. It is intense and will offer visual experiences, deep and spiritual thoughts alongside a feeling of tranquillity. The effects will take less than an hour to kick in and are suitable for experienced users. Get yourself a pack of these beauties, store them well, and they will deliver. Order your Dragon’s Mind Magic Truffles from our Hollands High Website for discreet worldwide shipping.

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Majestic Trip

Dragon’s Mind Magic Truffles are also known as psilocybin sclerotia from a type called Psilocybe Pajateros. They contain the active substance Psilocybin, known for intense hallucinations and deep thoughts. It is the strongest magic truffles, with only a few coming near her potency. The magic truffles are expertly cultivated to offer the user a potent and manageable high and trip. Get yours today and try them out.

Effects of Dragon’s Mind Magic Truffles

Nothing comes near the famous Dragon’s Mind Magic Truffles in terms of potency from the truffles universe. They will deliver drastic visual encounters and hallucinations alongside profound and spiritual introspections. Everything around you will harmonise, and tranquillity is attained. You start to notice new colours as the rest become brighter, and noises become clearer. You will also experience high energy and laughter, making the feeling more enjoyable.

It is important to note that the effects will be personal to everyone. It will depend on the users’ metabolism and experience using magic truffles. The effects take between 30 minutes and an hour to kick in and last for four to 6 hours. Give them time after consumption for digestion.

How to Use Dragon’s Mind Magic Truffles

Dragon’s Mind Magic Truffles are consumed orally by chewing and swallowing. It is recommended to take half the recommended dose to see how you respond. Chew the truffles thoroughly before swallowing. Take them 2 hours after your meal to get the best results, and use water or sugarless tea.

The Dosages for Dragon’s Mind Magic Truffles are;

  • Beginners-┬ástart with a dose of 10 grams if you are starting out magic truffles. It will deliver mild effects and not overwhelm you.
  • Experiences Users- If you are looking to venture into new levels of magic mushroom truffles, start with 15 grams or more.

Storage and Caution

Dragon’s Mind Magic Truffles is a strong psychedelic substance that should be kept away from children. It should not be consumed alongside alcohol and works well with water. Use it at home or a familiar surroundings and do not use other stimulants. Also, remember that they last a few days after opening the package. Get yours from our Hollands High Webshop today.

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