DaVinci combines innovation with class and quality, to make the best of vaporizers. The IQ2 is no exception and is a deserving replacement of the previous IQ model. It tops the list of best-designed vaporizers and best-tasting vapours at an affordable price.

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Quality of the DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer

Any experienced vaping enthusiast knows the feel, class and quality that makes DaVinci vaporizers. An anodized aluminium shell covered in a unique and appealing colour, make it an eye-catching piece of work. The zirconia mouthpiece, mirrored dock and stunning curves make it stand out from each of its competitors. In addition, the device features a new Air Dial, made from laser-cut and sanded aluminium. Consequently, it feels right in your hands and adds to the quality featured in this device.

DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer’s ease of use

Right from the minute you interact with the DaVinci IQ2, you will fall in love with its well-thought-of design. As you load the well-mirrored chambers with your product, you begin to appreciate the efforts put into its manufacturing. Extend the oven spacer to allow for filling the device partly, by turning the pearl severally. Turn on the device and after vibration to alert you, begin taking draws as you experience a relaxing 8-minute session.

Temperature Flexibility of the DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer

Getting to 199 degrees Celsius only requires you to wait for a mere one minute on a fully charged battery. When it is approaching the empty level, achieving the temperature takes an extra 30 seconds. Although this period is a little longer as compared to the IQ, it should not be mistaken for slowness but is instead tailored to allow for better cooling effects.

Battery Life of the DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer

The IQ2 comes with removable batteries that make it easier to swap with spares during your outdoor vaping sessions. At peak temperature, you will enjoy up to 9 full sessions, an incredible number when compared to its counterparts. In terms of quantifiable time, it translates to 72 continuous minutes of a fulfilling vaping experience. To fully charge, the battery requires 6 full hours, but this varies according to your user habits.

Concentrate accessories on the DaVinci IQ2

DaVinci made the IQ2 the first in its line of products to allow for concentrates. It consists of a dosage pod made from ceramic that can also handle herbs and a mixture of both. Moreover, it is fitted with a ceramic extract disc and organic cotton pads that fit in the pods perfectly. Besides its ability to handle concentrates, the device also has an adjustable oven size to allow you to smoke different sizes of loads. Using the pearl, you can adjust the loading capacity up to a third of its initial ability.

DaVinci IQ2 additionally has an airflow control and an air dial at the bottom. You can either open or close the airflow to adjust the quality and density of vapour produced. On the other hand, the Air Dial gas five different settings such as a closed setting. The overall user experience is remarkable and makes the IQ2 a stand-out piece of vaporizer.

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