Flowermate CAP Vaporizer

If you are in search of a reliable, simple and budget vaporizer, the Flowermate Cap should be at the top of your list. It offers great value for money and its small size means it efficiently serves as a portable device.

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Flowermate Cap Portable Vaporizer

Renowned for making quality vaporizers, Flowermate did a solid job in designing the Flowermate Cap. You will find impressive features especially geared towards suiting new users mostly due to the smooth vapour it produces. In addition, its price and affordable pricing set it apart from most portable vaporizers and it should appeal to every vaping enthusiast.

How to use the Flowermate Cap vaporizer

Flowermate designed the Flowermate cap vaporizer with new users in mind. Consequently, operating the device is easy and does not require you to keep referring to the user manual. Load up the heating chamber with finely ground herbs or whole buds for better clouds. Click on the button five times to get it running and it begins heating to the previously set temperature. To adjust the temperature, use the buttons provided and depending on the set temperature, the device vibrates after a 30 second heating period. The LED display shows you the current temperature setting as well as the battery level.

Temperature settings of the Flowermate Cap vaporizer

The temperature scale ranges from 40 to 230 degrees, a wide range to give you plenty of versatility and a great overall experience. A blue indicator shows 196 degrees, a green one indicates 205 degrees while a red one shows 215 degrees. Below 150 degrees, the vaporizer will not do much and only gives off some flavour unless you are using alternative herbs like lavender. However, operating at maximum temperatures provides thick heavy clouds with a deeply pleasant flavour.

The vapour quality of the Flowermate Cap

Despite being budget portable, the vapour quality and flavour are sure to amaze you. An equally impressive airflow allows for maximum efficiency and proper vapour production. At the unit’s cap, is a zirconia cooling path that does well in cooling the vapour before you inhale it. The vapour path is completely isolated from the electronics, to preserve them and uphold a tasteful flavour. Although it is small, the cooling and heating system are up to standard resulting in a purely sublime vapour.

Battery life of the Flowermate Cap vaporizer

Partly due to the device’s size, it is fitted with an averagely-sized battery with only 2000mAh. At full charge, you will enjoy up to five remarkable sessions which are quite fair considering its miniature stature. Charging is easy, using a USB cable to fully juice up the non-removable battery in one hour.

Manufacturing quality of the Flowermate Cap vaporizer

The simplicity and straightforward design utilized when making the device, make it an easy to use vaporizer even with beginners. An anodized aluminium body makes up its exterior and adds an appealing quality to the portable vaporizer. The heating chamber is made of a black ceramic coating, that allows for maximum heating abilities. Furthermore, the bowl size allows you to fill up to 0.15 grams, a decent amount for its size.

Discreetness and Portability of the Cap vaporizer

Weighing at a mere 52 grams, the portable vaporizer is light enough to carry around without notice. This makes for a highly discreet item that you can easily carry into any event without raising eyebrows.


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