Boundless CFV

If you are interested in a high-quality vaporizer that will meet all of your vaping needs, try the Boundless CFV. Boundless Technology is renowned for transforming the vaping game remarkably. In the past, you had to choose between portability and performance when buying a vaporizer, but Boundless changed that narrative.

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With the CFX as their flagship model, they later made the CF and finally the CFV, a one of a kind portable vaporizer. It boasts of being among the first portable vaporizers to offer pure convection as well as better performance as compared to its predecessors.

How the Boundless Cfv Works

The Boundless CFV is uniquely designed to make loading of herbs and ultimate vaporization easier. To load the unit, simply turn the mouthpiece 90 degrees and remove it from the rest of the vaporizer body. Secondly, fill the exposed heating chamber with your choice of cannabis and put the mouthpiece back in its place. The simple loading process makes it unique and turning the device on makes it more stylish. You have to press the power button 5 times and it turns on to automatically begin heating the herbs to the last set temperature. To adjust the temperature, simply press the + or- buttons according to your preferred heating temperature.

Temperature Range of the Boundless Cfv

The device’s display allows you to precisely control the temperature to a desired individual degree. In addition, you have a wide range of temperatures to select from since you can set anywhere between 60 degrees and 230 degrees. Consequently, depending on the desired vapour density and flavour, you can freely adjust the temperature scale. You can then take long draws through the mouthpiece to enjoy some quality well-heated vapour.

Vapor Quality of the Boundless CFV

Vapour quality in the CFV is nothing short of outstanding. The heating chamber completely heats a load of herb to produce a smooth well-tasting vapour that is sure to impress you. Furthermore, the device utilizes only convection thus the vapour is free of burned or cooked flavours associated with conduction. Unlike most brands, the Boundless CFV does not produce thick vapour clouds and while this may be thought to be negative, it leads to a smoother vapour. Therefore, if you tend to cough a lot when vaping, the CFV will serve you just right.

Manufacturing Quality of the Boundless Cfv

Perhaps the most unique feature besides using convection, the Boundless CFV comes with heat retention rings. They are specifically tailored to change the quality of your vapour and are available in wood form, which adds an earthy tone to your flavour. Quartz rings on the other hand allow your flavour profile to have a botanical shine. With a brighter display and a better handling grip, the Boundless CFV is a marvel in the Vaping industry. The boundless CFV is also more portable when compared to its predecessors. You can easily slip the device into your purse, pocket or case making transporting and storing the device far much easier. It also features a micro USB charging port and a long-lasting battery to make vaping last for longer periods.

If you prefer smooth smoke, low temperatures and tasteful vapours, then the CFV is the portable Vaporizer perfect for you.


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